6 Ways Smoking Can Ruining Your Life

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We all know that smoking is injurious to health but let’s be honest, how many of us abide by the advice? Very few, right?

This negligence is most prevalent among men who constantly challenge their health by smoking chunks of cigarette daily. About 14% of 18-year olds smoke cigarettes. That is exactly how rapidly men across the world are resorting to this so-called ‘stress-buster’ life-threatening habit.

But before you walk out of this article, let me take you through the 6 ways smoking is ruining your life and how you can prevent it in time: 

Decayed gums and teeth

decayed teeth & gums

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You must have encountered a horrific image of after-effects of smoking while buying a pack of cigarette from a store. Most people laugh it out with an assumption that such things don’t happen in real life. Well, you’ve been mistaken!

Cigarettes encourage innumerable bacteria and germs that sit adamantly on our gums and teeth. If you are a chain smoker, these bacteria will keep growing in number, leading to teeth and gum decay. Are you still smoking? 

Excessive hair loss

Hair fallsource: uniquehairconcepts.com

Cigarettes have been reported of containing harmful toxins that loosen the hair follicles and encourage hair loss. Over time, aging tends to take place more often with excessive hair loss resulting in baldness in men. This has been observed in many men even at the age of 40 and 50.

If you want to get rid of such problems of ageing, chose the path that says ‘Quit smoking’ – I am not saying you to do it all at once or overnight, but bit by bit every day.

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After all, who would want to look older than their actual age? 

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

So many men out there hardly even discuss this with their family and friends because they are embarrassed to speak about this problem. But tell me something, what is the need for encouraging a problem that leaves you embarrassed just be the thought of it?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems in men who smoke cigarettes in maximum quantities. This also leads to premature ejaculation and other such sexual problems that would leave you unsatisfied on the bed.

To get rid of Erectile dysfunction issues, visit a sexologist today and reduce smoking as far as possible. Results will be observed in no time. 

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

The deadliest of all, lung cancer that can devastate not only your life but also your families, is another curse that smoking has to offer. So if you’ve been smoking regularly, please note that 9 out of every 10 deaths of lung cancer patients take places due to smoking cigarettes.

And well, this is not it, there are many other pathetic health conditions that are caused due to excessive smoking.

If you don’t start to reduce it today, believe me, you are going to regret it later. 

Fatigue and Exhaustion

Fatigue and Exhaustion

Smoking is responsible for rapid breathing and poor blood circulation that can cause instant deaths and a decrease in athletic ability. Such smoking and unhealthy habits only stimulate the growth of disability in the body, leading to fatigue and instant exhaustion.

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If you want to cope with the problem, please quit smoking immediately so that you can live a healthy life for longer. 

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer


Another life-taking disease that occurs due to smoking is oral cancer that has led to several deaths over the years. Apart from smoking, intake of tobacco will only amplify the risks of oral cancer, leading you to ugly and painful deaths.

It is always wise to quit smoking while you still have time and live a happy, peaceful and healthy lifestyle. 

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Quit before it quits you!

quit cigaretee

source: indigestmag.com

We often forget our duties and responsibilities towards family and every other person who is looking forward to us. But it is very important to remember how smoking is not just hampering your life but also your family’s. When you resort to smoking, you are allowing your children to learn from your habits thereby putting themselves through the same detrimental consequences.

So, why spend your energy, money, health and time on something that has hardly any good to offer? With that, I would request you to give up on this ugly habit of smoking before it compels you to give up on your life.


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