Planning a Trip to Dubai? Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai

Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? If yes, don’t forget to add Dubai Dolphinarium to your go-to places. This article will help you get to know more about Dolphin Show Dubai, which is one of the most entertaining places in Dubai. The bottle-nose dolphins are the major attractions here,  and you will be amazed by the place’s marine-mammal facility. The Dolphinarium is fully air-conditioned and is the first of its kind in the Middle East. People of all age groups come here every day, and enjoy the day with these bottle-nose dolphins and fur seals. 

Apart from the dolphin show, the place has some other attractions too. You can easily spend a few entertaining hours with your family, and the experience is more memorable with little kids. Plan a day out with your kids, and let them enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience. Also, the air-conditioned facility keeps the scorching heat of the desert away, and this is what makes the place more favourable for a refreshing day. 

Mentioned below points will help you know more about Dolphin Show Dubai.

Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai Timings and Ticket Prices

Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai


You can plan for the dolphin and seal live show on any day from Monday to Saturday. Talking about show timings, there are three slots. The first show starts at 11 am, and the second one is from 2 pm. The last showtime is 6 pm. If you want to get some discounts on your tickets, go for 11 am shows on Monday, Friday, or Saturday. 

The price of regular tickets for the show is AED 105 for adults. The ticket price for kids is AED 50. However, you can get VIP tickets for adults at AED 125 and kids at AED 85. If you decide to go for the 11 am shows on Monday, Friday, or Saturday, you can get the tickets at lower prices of AED 75 (adults) and AED 45 (kids)

Live Dolphins and Seal Show

The live show is the most fascinating thing to attend here. Here, you will see the bottleneck dolphins playing, dancing, swimming, etc. You will be amazed to see these creatures play footballs, and sometimes, they even paint. Have you ever seen a dolphin painting? Here, you will get to watch such activities performed by these friendly mammals, and you are bound fall in love with them. 

Swim with Dolphins

Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai


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On some days, you may also get a chance to act as a trainer to the dolphins and seals. It is a breath-taking experience where you interact with them. You can spend the day playing, swimming, and dancing with them in the water. Watching the dolphins in the live shows is no doubt an amazing experience, but getting so close to the creatures is something beyond your imagination. To your relief, these sessions are supervised by trainers, and there are no chances of any unforeseen incidents. 

Exotic Creek Park Bird Show

Do you love watching exotic birds? As you get to know more about Dolphin Show Dubai, you will be happy to know that you can even enjoy the famous Creek Park Bird Show here. Here, you will see the birds interacting with people, flying over your heads, performing tricks. Imagine an exotic bird sitting on your head- it is a once-in-your-life experience. Book your tickets, and spend the day with Red-Billed Hornbill, Sun Conures, Cockatoos, and other similar exotic birds. 

How to Reach Dubai Dolphinarium?

Know More About Dolphin Show Dubai


The easiest way to reach Dubai Dolphinarium is by car. You can book a taxi, and easily get to your destination. However, you can also take a metro to the nearest metro station, that is, Dubai Healthcare City. From the station, you can book a taxi to the Dolphinarium, and it will take only five minutes. At times, when the weather is pleasant, you can opt for a 15-minutes walk from the metro station to the Dolphinarium. For people who want to go by bus, keep in mind that C7 is the most convenient option. 

To sum up, as you plan your trip to Dubai, keep a day booked for the Dolphin show, and spend some quality time with these lovely creatures. 

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