Best Locksmith Near Me in Connecticut


Looking for cheap and asap locksmith services may be a tough task because of the companies’ working hours. However, there are still some hidden gems that can accommodate urgent inquiries such as locksmith in ct – Serving more than 35 years to the Connecticut residents, local skilled workers provide only professional locksmith services. Prompt attention, fair prices, and many more in your city.

Choose a Company

Most of the time, the range of such services is limited because companies work from 9 to 5 and then shut down their doors firmly. No one cares whether you have an emergency or can pay extra money. Nevertheless, one can still find 24-hour locksmith services in ct if it investigates the online market better. But this requirement should not be the only one. There are a few criteria when looking for the best option around you, so try to seek the following:

  • Mutually-agreed visits. You pay so you decide when a master should come;
  • 24hrs customer support. Your inquiries should be answered right here and now both via calling a mobile number or online chat;
  • Reimbursement. If the price does not match the quality, you should get a full refund;
  • Affordability. Only fair cost for services;
  • Nearest location. In case you have an emergency, keep in stock the location of various companies near your home.

The above-mentioned features perfectly describe the mission. Is It a Locksmith near me? Yes, it is the closest company open even at night, founded by four brothers who carry a trusted legacy, whose workers can reach you in a moment and after provide top-notch assistance.

Offered Services

Today, one can access in his area smart residential, commercial, automotive, mobile, emergency locksmith services. If you need, upon the request, companies consider extra inquiries regarding security or safety. If you have trouble with a motorcycle or another vehicle, or, for example – “My shop door cannot be opened.” –  let an expert come to evaluate and show himself in action. Locksmith near me in ct with free assessment and quotes? Not a problem.

Popular services:
  • Repair, replacement or installation of locks;
  • Key duplication in less than half an hour;
  • Housing lockout services;
  • Rekeying;
  • Break-in reparation or change of security (garage doors repair, installation of security tools);
  • Sundry key maker;
  • Alarm systems in one hr;
  • Safe master keys;
  • Extraction of broken keys;
  • Deadbolt installation.


You may wonder, can I have 24 hours emergency locksmith near me in Connecticut with Yes, and today, unlike many other companies, they won’t charge exorbitant prices for overnight working hrs. If you found cheaper options, do not hesitate to address this concern to the locksmith master. But, wait firstly for the results of his work, you can be impressed.

All in all, one should rely on this ct close company that can send locksmith professionals to help you even late at night. Free assessment and friendly conversations in the complicated locks situations at Live Enhanced.

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