Major Types Of Anxiety You Should Know About

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorder in the United States. It can occur to anyone and it affects one’s life at a significant level. It is a constant negative feeling that makes a person’s life miserable. There are different ways to reduce the symptoms of anxiety. It is better to take the professional’s advice and follow the guideline. You can also take therapies and you can also go with a recent trend of buying kratom powder online. Users of kratom powder consider it life-changing. They feel confident and the beautiful thing about kratom is that it does not come with side effects like chemically based drugs do.

However, here are some of the main types of anxiety disorder that you should know about.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD):

It involves long-lasting anxiety and worries about situations, life events and subjects that cannot be specified. It depends on person to person. It is one of the most common types of anxiety disorder. Most of the people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder are not able to find the source of their pain.


Panic attacks come suddenly or for a brief time or last for hours. The person is terrorized for no particular reason or the situation which is quite normal for others. The physical symptoms for this disorder are shaking, breathing difficulties, sweating along with confusion, dizziness and nausea. These attacks may last for hours and can be as brief as five to ten minutes.

Such attacks take place when a person goes through prolonged stress or after facing a terrifying incident. However, it can also occur without any reason or incident. This attacks may alter the behaviour of the person in order to prevent future attacks.

Social anxiety:

When the fear of negatively judged by others is not under control, the person faced social anxiety which includes avoiding to attend a social gathering, giving interviews, stage fear and also the fear of intimacy. Such persons try to avoid any kind of humiliation in their life and so they reduce their social activities and sometimes stop every sort of social activity. It affects their social life, personal life and also their career.


The person with a phobia is afraid of a particular situation or object. Phobias are different from an anxiety disorder, but they are caused by specific reasons. The fear may look illogical or unnecessary, but the person with a phobia is not able to control anxiety.

Separation anxiety disorder:

The symptoms of separation anxiety disorder are seen in those who have departed from a person or place that offered them safety comfort and security. This can also lead to panic symptoms. It is considered a disorder only when the person behaves and acts inappropriately after separation.

It is not impossible to cure anxiety symptoms. However, it takes time to reduce the anxiety symptoms significantly. However, there are different ways to find comforts such as kratom powder and capsules.

Kratom has been used in many cultures to treat anxiety. So if you want to enjoy the life at its best then you can start taking kratom powder with a low dosage. It is pointless to live in constant fear. You need to be confident in your actions whether you want to attend a social gathering, manage your work or personal life. All you need to do is to find a reputed online store and place your order for genuine and authentic products. You should check whether the products are lab tested or not.

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