Ways People That Can Be Seriously Affected by Drunk Driving

Taking away at least 29 lives per day, all because of a car crash that could have been avoided, drunk driving isn’t glamorous at all. There’s nothing cool about it because as long as you are one of those who uses the road, you might also end up as a victim. In fact, now that it is a menace on our roads, we shouldn’t sugarcoat it any longer!

Affected by Drunk Driving

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that out every alcohol-related car accident, a life is lost every 50 minutes. The rates effectively translate to over 1,200 alcohol-impaired driving crash cases, or about 30% of all car accidents every year. What’s even worse is the revelation that over $44 billion of the taxpayer’s money is spent on all these crashes!

Traffic fatalities may have reduced over the past few years, but the numbers are still high. So high are they that, of every three accidents recorded, at least one is alcohol-related. And not even the various public awareness campaigns where people learn more and educational programs or stiffer DUI penalties have helped combat the cases.

It’s a no-brainer – Drunk Driving Kills

It only takes a Blood-Alcohol Concentration of as low as 0.80 to cause a fatal car accident. But even though impairment starts way before that, it is a rate that’s quite tolerable. BAC of 0.10 is seven times riskier while 0.15 is even more dangerous, almost 25 times likely.

Affected by Drunk Driving

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However, the worst lot is those are belligerent with the Alcohol Use Disorder. They will gulp a large quantity of liquor and quickly rushes for their cars, perhaps hoping that alcohol doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

The effect varies with the abuser’s blood system, although alcohol generally isn’t ideal for a driver, especially someone who operates machines. Any quality, even as little as 0.01 BAC, can be dangerous enough to impair normal driving ability.

This simply means it is very dangerous to take the wheel after gulping liquor, regardless of how little it is. In the US, road accidents caused by intoxicated youths and teens are quite common and are entirely to blame for almost half of all cases.

Mostly, the dangers induced by alcohol on a person include:

Affected by Drunk Driving

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 It slows reaction time

After a bottle or two, the overall reaction time of the body goes down, essentially meaning you will require more time to respond to situations on the road. And it is this slow reaction time that you are highly predisposed to causing an accident. You may wrongly adjudge the distance between your car and the others and thus make irrational decisions or even hit a pedestrian crossing the road.

Reduces your ability to concentrate

No matter how little you took, alcohol will affect your concentration. You will not pay adequate attention to what’s important on the road, especially on switching lanes, maintaining a speed that’s within the limit and knowing when to overtake. And with your attention span reduced, the likelihood of causing an accident is highly increased.

Decreases your vision

In extreme circumstances, too much alcohol consumption is sure to negatively affect how far your eyes could see. Your vision will be blurred and worsen as you drive. In the end, you will not be able to effectively judge how far other vehicles are from you or what’s there around your peripheral vision. This, of course, will effectively result in an accident.

Inability to drive well

After it has affected your ability to concentrate properly and reduced your vision, you will not drive well. Eye and foot harmonization plus keeping the eye on the road will be affected, making it hard to avoid making wrong decisions and cause a crash. The car will start to swerve from side to side or crash into other motorists and pedestrians.

Induces poor decisions

Well, this one is pretty obvious – When drunk, you will easily trust the false feeling that you are driving normally. Intoxication will automatically affect your rational thinking ability. You will make poor judgments on everything, from how you drive to making vital decisions like where to stop and whether you are driving at the right lane.

Tickets and penalties

It will not take long before the cops notice your poor manner of driving and pull you over. And because of your apparently high level of alcohol intoxication, you could be slapped with a DUI/DWI charge, booked and penalized. All the charges will, of course, serve to deter you from engaging in drunk driving ever again.

Drunk driving can also cause death!

In the worst case scenario, getting behind the wheel, knowing too well that you aren’t capable of driving well is a lot like signing a death warrant. You may hit a pedestrian, crash into another car and injure its occupants or fatally injure yourself. FYI, someone succumbs to injuries caused by drunk driving every 50 minutes in the US, a fact that needs no further explanation.

So, is drinking and driving worth more than your health and wellness?

Is it worth more than paying a lot in personal injury lawsuits or losing your life?

By driving when you are drunk, however little it is, be sure you are putting your life and financial wellness in jeopardy. No drunken driving motorists ever escaped a huge fine when found guilty of having driven recklessly. And the penalties usually are worth thousands of dollars, especially when it was a court case.

Basically, being convicted of DUI will affect your life more than just getting banned. You could lose your job and still find it hard to secure another job. Travelling abroad or accessing vital services might also be impossible because of your past driving history. These are just a few of the effects.

It’s simple: Don’t Drink and Drive!

But as you learn more about them, also be sure to understand the best alternatives to arriving home when you are drunk. The best way is to take a cab or ask a sober friend to take the wheel. A good decision is sure to protect your life as well as that of other innocent drivers on the road.

Make the right choice and stay safe. Remember, the dangers of drunk driving are way too real to ignore. Your safety and responsible driving start with you!

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