20+ Food Must Try When You Visit California

Wel_come_To_ california
1.Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast



source: foodandwine.com

3. In-N-Out Double-Double

In-N-Out Double-Double

source:  getinmybelly.com

4. Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

source: taste.com

5. Garlic Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream 1source: openrice.com

6. Adobada Tacos

Adobada Tacos

7. Oysters


8. Apple Pie

Apple Pie

9. Korean BBQ

Korean BBQsource: urbanmatter.com

10. Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried Chicken Sandwich

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11. Tri-Tip


source: todayshow.com

12. Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad

13 Carnitas Burrito

Carnitas Burritos

14. Clam Chowder

Clam Chowdersource: sftodo.com

15. French Dip

French Dip

source: tastingtable.com

16. Hangtown Fry

Hangtown Fry

source: chowhound.com

17. Cruffin


source: ladyandpups.com

18. Xiaolongbao


source: youtube.com

19. Carne Asada Burrito

Carne Asada Burrito

source: youtube.com

20. Santa Barbara Spot Prawns

Santa Barbara Spot Prawns


Wel_come_To_ california

source: thedailybeast.com

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