Beautifully Designed Garden Rooms That Take Your Breath Away

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are one of the best ways you can truly bring out your garden in all of its glory, especially when they are not only well-designed and in the right space, but if they’re looked after with care as well.

If you’re interested in beautiful garden rooms, like Leisure Buildings, and learning more about them, the benefits of having them, and whether you can put a toilet in them or not, then continue reading this article for more information.

What Are Garden Rooms?

Garden Rooms


So what exactly is a garden room, what are they used for? Garden rooms are basically very well and beautifully designed structures that you can find in people’s gardens and are used as a place to socialize with family members and others, or simply relax.

Garden rooms are generally made out of wood, such as timber or alike, for the walls and flooring, while the rooves are typically made out of tiles or brick. Their design, especially when insulated, is to keep the temperature at a standard to ensure your comfort at all times.

Some people make their garden rooms to be specifically designed for accommodation and as a living situation, whether to be rented out or for guests that might visit. It is important to note though that you need to be legally allowed to do this before finalizing anything.

Garden rooms can last between 30-40 years, and sometimes longer if looked after thoroughly, especially during weather events or similar disasters that might occur. This also depends on how well the structure was built and whether or not it is designed to withstand the conditions it will be bound to face.

Can You Put A Toilet In Garden Rooms?

Garden Rooms


Can you put a toilet in your garden room? While this might be a bit of a weird question, especially if you aren’t familiar with the fact you can rent out or AIR BNB your garden rooms with the correct permissions in place, but it is a completely valid thing to do and a lot of people do it.

Garden rooms can be fitted with toilets, but you need to consider how much space you have and whether the structure has enough room to accommodate a toilet. Then there’s also the fact of privacy and the smell factor, is there enough room to section it off at all, is that something you even want?

You will be happy to know as well, that you won’t need permission or any type of agreement by the government needed to add a toilet. As long as the building itself is within 2.5 meters in height, then you have nothing to worry about and you can do whatever you like.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Garden Rooms?

Garden Rooms


Garden rooms have a lot of good things about them, such as the ability to store items and other bits and pieces you wouldn’t be able to fit in your house, or to avoid any clutter, have a lovely plant display or inside garden, and a lot more.

Having a garden room, especially one that is insulated, is one of the best ways you can save money while outside and if visitors come to stay. Not only will they not have to worry about stepping on your toes and vice versa in your own house, but they will have their own privacy and not have to worry about finding a hotel or alike to stay in.

If you’re finding you need a separate workspace, or simply a place to chill out in that’s not connected to your home but is still connected to your garden, then garden rooms, like from Leisure Buildings, provide additional living space for you to enjoy, either alone or with others, while still guaranteeing privacy.

Thanks to the numerous amount of design options you get to choose from, not only will it fit the aesthetic of your home and garden, but it is suited for all properties thanks to this. No matter if you have an old or new-styled house or property, there will always be something for everyone.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a place to entertain guests or put up relatives and friends for the night on your property, but don’t have the space for it in your own home, then having a garden room, like from Leisure Buildings, that is specifically catered to you and your needs is definitely the way you want to go.

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