In Contrast: Brand New Vs Used Transportable Homes

Transportable Home 

Brand new vs Pre-owned homes are an old age debate; it has been one of the topics that always spark discussions. Of course, for someone who is buying a house, the age of the property matters. Since buying your next home is a big step, exploring the advantages of both a Brand new and previously owned house is a must. Read through this guide to have an idea of which one is for you. 

Brand New Transportable Home 

Transportable Home 


Transportable homes are the new trend for real estate and construction. From the name itself, it is a house that can be transported anywhere. These are commonly built and assembled in a factory, with different materials like steel, vinyl weatherboard fibre glasses, etc., that are sturdy and hard enough not to get damaged when being transported. 

Low Maintenance Cost

A brand new home almost always does not need any maintenance cost, especially from the delivery up to five years, so it is guaranteed you will save a lot on the maintenance cost. If ever there will be a problem with your transportable home within that period, most of the time, the cost will be shouldered by the warranty that comes with your brand new home. Yes, secondhand transportable homes will be much cheaper, but if you do not find a trusted seller for this, it can be stressful for you, will take much of your time and ultimately will cost you more money, that will oppose the very idea of why you choose to buy a pre-owned home in the first place.


Transportable Home 


Brand new houses are generally safer than pre-owned homes. Not to take away anything from pre-owned homes, but as we all know, the quality of anything depreciates as time passes by. Also, the smell and feeling of new things are comforting and, in some way, therapeutic because you will need not worry about it for a longer time. Also, a Brand new house comes with better wirings and insulations because you will be the first to use it, so expect that any additional feature you may want to add to your transportable home will be efficient.

Flexible Payment Options

Buying brand new transportable homes comes with many financing options and terms that you can utilize to make payments more easily. For instance, you can choose to pay just the down payment for the house and pay monthly amortization after; another option is to pay it directly in cash which will have a considerable discount depending on your chosen developer.

Second hand Transportable Home

Transportable Home 


Buying a used transportable home does not necessarily mean you cannot afford something new. Whatever your reasons may be, leaning over for a secondhand home is a great idea. With the ongoing global health pandemic, more people feel less incentivized to buy brand new products. As the prices and demand for primary products increase, most of the other things we need are sacrificing budget speaking. Many of us have at least one item we bought at a secondhand store or even charity shops to stick to our tight budget. We have put some points together of the benefits of purchasing second-hand transportable homes.


One of the important reasons for opting for a second-hand transportable home is the environmental cost you will be saving. Yes, you read it correctly. Since it requires minimal energy to operate, they offer great value to you at the same time while providing huge favor for the environment. Furthermore, your selection of materials can be leaning towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle, considering that a second-hand transportable home is already furnished. In other words, you are doing yourself and the environment some good when you shop for a secondhand home. 

Saves Money

Transportable Home 


People with a low budget can own transportable homes as they are very low compared to the new mobile homes with the same functionality. 

Buying secondhand or previously used houses typically comes with the connotation of having a significantly reduced price. However, there are so many “used” opportunities that are hard to pass up at various places. Returned, gently used, or previously owned products could be a significant savings option if the quality is still in good operating condition.

We all understand that a new home will likely be more reliable than a used one, even though secondhand homes are much cheaper. This reason is the most apparent advantage of purchasing used items. Usually, these houses will be a lot more affordable than buying a Brand new one. But in most instances, they will provide a limited option to settle the payment. Used transportable homes are an option, sure, but there is a time and place for them.

Saves You Time

With pre-owned transportable houses, you can simply move right to it as soon as the paperwork is done. Usually, these homes are already furnished and with custom-built ready spaces for the kitchen, room dividers, and all the things you may need are inside the house; this will be rendered along with the house itself. So you do not have to get worked up about furnishing it anymore. Some may require minimal repairs, but you can do it while you are already using it. 

Choosing what to go to when buying a transportable house has many factors to consider, but what will matter at the end is the things you value the most, like if you are going to design it. You have the time; you can opt for a second hand transportable home as it is more affordable. All you need to do is to make sure that you research the seller before making the purchase. Then, you can ask a series of questions regarding the house to understand any issue it may have genuinely. 

On the other hand, if you are the busy type, and it is your first time buying a transportable home, it is suggested that you go for a brand new one. Because it will have its own identity, you can bypass the demanding and tedious part of searching for a reliable and upright seller. Plus, you do not have to worry about maintaining your newly bought home.

All in all, both options have their advantages; it will come down to what type of person you are and what you need. 

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