Decorating with Plants: The Best Ways to Display Houseplants

Decorating with plants

Decorating with plants is one of the best ways to bring vitality and life to a house. Lush greenery will brighten up any space and will have a positive impact on our well-being and health. And with various plants you will find on the market, you will have endless possibilities to decorate your home. Whether you want to bring calm to the bedroom or liven up the kitchen, you will find a houseplant suitable for each space. 

Decorating with plants has become very popular in recent years because we are constantly searching for ways to reconnect with nature and bring a calming and soul-nourishing influence to our everyday place. Houseplants are available in plenty of forms, shapes, textures and colors, from small shapely cacti to large leafy palms, and this is why they make versatile decorating ideas and are used in many interior designs as a living form of art. 

Here are the best ways to decorate your house with houseplants. 

Fill shelves with plants

For several stylists and designers, plants have become a must-have when decorating shelves. Plants bring freshness and softness to any shelf, so they look amazing and can be used where objects feel too rigid. Featuring a mix of spider plants, cascading ferns and potted pelargoniums will create a feeling of an indoor jungle that will improve the look of your space. 

Add plenty of plants 

Decorating with plants


You shouldn’t hold back when decorating with plants, as abundance will be the key to creating a botanical theme. Also, think creatively about how to use the plants to add a magical feel and put them on windowsills and shelves or even hang them from the ceiling. 

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Abundance is important when creating a botanical theme and making your room look impressive. Plenty of plants might require high maintenance, but you will see that the efforts will be worth it when your rooms will look amazing. Also, make sure you choose suitable planters so your plants will have the best conditions to grow healthy. 

Layer houseplants at different heights

Layering plants is a good way to bring life to a simple decorated room. You can choose plants with various shapes and forms and hang them at different heights to create an indoor jungle feel. Experts recommend potting statement plants in white planters with simple shapes, like those from elho, as these models will not compete with your plant. 

Create a focal point with indoor trees

If the indoor jungle look might be too much for you, you can opt for indoor trees to create a focal point. If you are looking for plants to make a statement, try the elephant’s ear, banana tree, and pygmy date palm, or opt for indoor trees like fig trees and citrus. 

Place plants on the windowsill

Decorating with plants


The windowsill might be the perfect place in your house to display houseplants. However, be careful with keeping your plants there for winter, as the fluctuation in temperature can damage some types. You should always be mindful of extremes, like fireplaces, proximity to exterior doors and flowing air vents. Houseplants will only thrive in a consistent environment, so keep them away from temperature fluctuation. 

Arrange houseplants near the bed

Bedrooms are places of relaxation and recovery, so they are perfect for embracing the biophilic design, which represents the practice of using nature so that you will bring harmony to your house. And by placing some air-cleaning plants near your bed, you can have a healthy environment for sleep. 

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The plants will not only create an amazing display, but they will also help with eliminating the airborne toxins from your space. You can opt for large plants with arching fronds, such as the Kentia Palm or medium size plants, like the Calathea Orbifolia. 

Create a bathroom oasis

Bathrooms are often overlooked, as they are not the first places that come to mind when we are talking about decorating with plants. However, because they are humid spaces, they are excellent environments for plenty of indoor plants. Also, with their help, you can create a magical space that will add a spa-like feel. 

When you choose the types of plants you want to integrate into your bathroom, you should consider lighting to ensure that your plants will flourish. You can place your plants on windowsills if they require extra light or opt for plants like Boston Fern that are suitable for low-lighting bathrooms.

Brighten up a corner

Decorating with plants


Corners are often neglected, so if you don’t know what to do with an empty corner, add a large houseplant to brighten up the space and bring purpose. Incorporating greenery and plants helps a room feel welcoming, as you will add an organic shape, natural texture and a pop of color. Plants add a sense of calm and well-being to a space and also succeed in bringing the outdoors in. 

Transform a bar cart

If you want to try an interesting idea, you can transform a bar cart and use it as a plant stand. They are good ideas because these carts have wheels and can be easily moved throughout the house. For example, if your plants show signs of too much sun, you can easily roll the cart away. 

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Make your home office more cheerful with plants

If you choose to add plants to your home workspace, you will be more productive and make the long days you spend in front of the computer a little more bearable. You will feel better if you have plants surrounding you while you work. 

Don’t forget houseplant care

When you choose to decorate with plants, you need to consider the preferences and needs of your plants so you will know how to take care of them. For instance, some plants, like ferns, need humidity, so you should ensure you give them the best care. Also, you should consider light needs and temperature to keep your plants healthy.

Are you ready to decorate with plants? 

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