9 Expressive Bridal Chura Designs That You Cannot Afford to Miss

bridal chura

Are you a bride who is ready to get married soon? Then a bridal lehenga could be a perfect choice for your wedding. Online shopping portals will offer you an exquisite range of collections that you can choose from. There are many styles, designs, cuts, and patterns to choose and you will be definitely spoilt for choice. You will have to put a lot of filters to finalize one of your choices. You will be having such enormous choices online. You will be overwhelmed with the choices without any doubt and we suggest you choose the top shopping portals so that you get the best lehengas.

Lehenga Choli – The bride’s favourite choice

Bridal Lehenga

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Lehenga choli is extremely popular among brides. Especially in India, every woman would want to wear this for special occasions. Be it a small party, a large gathering, festival, event or any other function, a lehenga choli works the best. Did you know? Lehenga choli has a royal origin! The wives and daughters of Mughal emperor’s wear Lehenga choli.

Keeping that aside, before picking the dress you should consider a couple of factors.

  • Have an idea about the design – When you are ready to shop online and don’t have any idea about what to buy, it will be really confusing, and you cannot pick the right dress you desire. So, it is important that you should keep in mind at least the cut and design of the dress you want to purchase so that you can make your selection easily.
  • Pay attention to your body type – Most of the women do not pay attention to their body type and randomly buy the lehenga and later regret their decision. Don’t just see the colour and design of the lehenga and buy quickly. Check out your body type and analyze if it fits you precisely. Lehengas are not sarees, right? So, based on your body type, choose either a straight cut lehenga, panelled lehengas, or mermaid lehengas.
Lehenga styles and cuts

Bridal Lehenga

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  • Straight cut lehenga – It is extremely popular among brides mainly due to the fact that they are able to create an impression of a leaner frame when you wear it. These types of lehengas will be perfect for any type of body.
  • Mermaid lehengas – These are open at the bottom but are fitted at the waist. Brides with slim waist can flaunt mermaid lehengas better than others.
  • Panelled lehengas – Panelled lehengas are an excellent choice for a bride on their wedding day. Fashion designers will normally experiment more with these cuts. For example, you might find pieces, where panels sewed with choli and cholis themselves are of diverse types.
  • Circular lehengas – Speaking of circular lehengas, it has many folds in the waistline. These folds append a lot of volume to the entire dress. So, if you are a bride with a tiny frame, it is better you choose circular lehengas.

Bridal Lehenga

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Hope you have got some insight into different types of lehengas and how you should choose a lehenga based on your body type. As the bridal lehenga is usually costly, ensure that you buy it from top shopping portals such as Hatkay to get value for your money. Here you can see more bridal tips at Live Enhanced.

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