5 Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto Perfect for Discerning Buyers

Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Is it fair to call Toronto an up-and-coming city anymore? Yes, outlets like the New York Times have bestowed the city with underdog titles like “the Quietly Booming Tech Town” to rival Silicon Valley. But Toronto isn’t really up-and-coming. It has already arrived. 

The Six (as it’s known locally) routinely ranks high among the most liveable cities globally. Its thriving business sectors support competitive salaries and important positions. And its architecture, infrastructure, population size, etc., rival the other massive North American mega-cities. 

In short, Toronto is where it’s at these days. If you’re a discerning buyer looking to break into the Six, this article’s for you. Partner with the top real estate company in Toronto and check out properties in these five luxury neighbourhoods. 

Glitz, Glamour and High-End Shopping: Yorkville

Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto
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Yorkville is the epitome of elegance and class. Located just north of the city’s main downtown area, this central enclave is known for its high-end boutique shopping, trendy restaurants, renowned galleries, and — of course — luxury properties. 

Favoured by movie stars and international business moguls alike, Yorkville is the splashy option on this list. If you’re coming to Toronto to be seen, here’s where to do it. 

The HNWI Capital of Canada: The Bridle Path

The Bridle Path—sometimes affectionately called “Millionaire’s Row”—routinely tops the list of the highest-earning neighbourhoods in Canada. 

The area attracts celebrities and HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals) for a reason. Not only is it clean, safe, gorgeous, and flush with good schools, but its properties are home to lavish mansions tailor-made for elite buyers. The area isn’t quite as central as Yorkville above (or the two neighbourhoods below), but that’s the point. This is a sanctuary: an exclusive Toronto hideaway filled with gorgeous architecture and serene views. 

Bohemian History, Time-Worn Charm: The Annex

Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto
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If you want to get a little closer to the action, consider The Annex. Famed for its historic homes, the neighbourhood also boasts Bohemian street cred; it was the epicentre of the Canadian art scene in the mid-to-late-20th Century and still bears some of that shaggy charm. 

These days, the Annex is known for its multi-million-dollar houses, pristinely kept side streets, and proximity to the downtown area. If you’re a lover of the arts, there’s a lot to love about the Annex.  

Luxury Meets Nightlife: Queen West 

Not all luxury buyers want a three-story brick home outside the city centre. Some want a towering penthouse in one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods (according to Vogue, no less). 

If you’re that buyer, meet Queen West. It’s inimitably hip, always happening, and chock-full of luxury homes nestled right in the action. Find a penthouse condo on the main street, or opt for a house in one of the adjacent neighbourhoods, like Beaconsfield Village. 

The Goldilocks Choice: Forest Hill   

Luxury Neighbourhoods in Toronto
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Forest Hill has it all: charming heritage homes, pristine, tree-lined streets, large mansion-like homes, great schools, sprawling parks, transit accessibility, fun shops and restaurants, and the list goes on. Sitting in the northern corridor above the city centre, Forest Hill is the Goldilocks choice for luxury buyers who want something “just right.”

If you’re interested in buying luxury real estate in Toronto, connect with the best realtors in Toronto to check out these five neighbourhoods. 

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