Pro Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes: Try Now!

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Have you ever seen youtube tutorials for makeup tips for hooded eyes and as a result you get ghost eyes? I’m totally sad. I wonder why it doesn’t work after following every step carefully!

One possible reason is that everyone’s eye shape is different from others. Makeup for hooded eyes will differ slightly on round, almond or downturned eyes. And, while your hooded eyes are stunning, they’re not the same shape as the ones you’ve been watching on loop. What’s the secret to achieving a flawless hoopy-smokey eye? It’s only a matter of understanding every little detail of hooded eyes.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


Hooded eyes are a form of eye shape in which the skin covers the crease on the upper eyelid. Because the crease is hidden while the eyes are closed and the eyelids seem tiny.

However, with these techniques and tactics, you may enhance your lid while concealing the hooded parts. We guarantee that they will work like charms! If you’re a reading person, read and follow these hooded eyes makeup tips.

Step-To-Step Instructions!

Because different eye shapes may require different motions to produce varied effects, consider these makeup tips for hooded eyes as tiny tweaks to further accentuate a hooded eye:

Cut-Out The Crease

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


The edgy, expressive cut crease was virtually designed for hooded eyes: If you have a hooded eye, you might give the appearance of having more of a lid and a discrete brow bone. This is due to the fact that you’re employing shadow to create a dramatic contrast that essentially carves your own crease and adds definition. It adds a crease to the eye form that didn’t previously exist.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Scrunch your lashes before adding mascara for doe-eyed eyes. Even though you don’t apply makeup, a slight squeeze with a lash curler will help open up the eye and give you a wide-awake appearance. It’s especially useful if your hooded eyes are also downturned, as those eyelashes tend to droop if they’re not properly curled. 

Adopt Smudge Proof Mascara

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


Because the brow bone is so close to the eyelashes, many people with hooded eyes discover that their mascara has spilled across their brow bone by the end of the day. If this describes you, a best quality waterproof mascara is a must-have.

Let The Line Smudge

If you like to tightline your upper waterline, endorse the natural smokiness that develops over time by lining inside the rims and letting it smudge and find its way out. It will grant you a lived-in, unfinished makeup look.

Opt For Nude & White Eyeliner

Using a white eye pencil, pinched line the bottom with white to boost the brightness of the eye. If you think the hooded feature of your eyes make them appear tiny, use this trick to make them look slightly larger by enjoying tricks on other people’s eyes.

Look Out Careful

When applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, keep your eyes open and your gaze fixed on the mirror at all times. When you wear makeup on locked lids, the hood can smear your efforts when you blink your eyes open, or the makeup will look smaller as once hood drops over the lower lashes.

Go-With Batwing Trick

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes


Liner hacks are diverse. It’s famously a tough skill to acquire, so we appreciate any and every tricks and tips we can get our eyes on. Simply swipe your eyeliner across the fold of skin,when you shut your eyes, the tint swoops in a touch, mimicking a small batwing. 

When you reopen your eyes, the liner seems to be a standard cat-eye, with a pointed and straight wing. However, if you close your eyes, you will discover a small batwing shape where your folds naturally conceal.


This makeup tips for hooded eyes is a terrific place to start if you’re curious about how makeup professionals boost a hooded eye shape. At the final moment of the day, you can wear any face beat you want (the outcome will look stunning on everybody, whatever of eye type), but emphasising your own lid structure can contribute to making the look your own.

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