6 Innovative Layout Ideas To Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Office

The office layout plays a significant role in improving the productivity of your employees. The colour of the walls, the design of the furniture and the rest of the ambiance need to be valued equally.

There are countless layout design ideas available in the market; however, not every one of them may be suitable for your organisation. You need to design your office in a way which expresses your brand, i.e. its objectives and personality.

The following are some layout ideas, which will surely enhance the appeal of your office space and can be modified to suit your brand:

The Bob Marley Room    

The Bob Marley room is an idea of a perfect chilling room. Stacked with bean bags, portable laptop desks and cushions to ensure ultimate fun while doing the work. The purpose of the room is not to encourage games or anything, but to ensure a relaxing place, where the employee does not have to sit formally in a chair and stare at his screen for the whole day. The Reggae (VIBGYOR) theme that defines the iconic Bob Marley can be the colour theme for the room. This informal approach will complement your team building activities and will help your employees work more efficiently in their preferred environment.

source: https://www.homedit.com


The Modern Library

How do you plan to help your employees learn new concepts if you don’t have a provision for a library? A modern library is a must in every office, where the employees can find books on consumer behaviour, competition and other relevant topics. This will help them learn about the industry more efficiently than ever. Apart from books, you can install tablets and computers to enhance the radius of learning. Every employee/team can be allocated a certain time every day to visit the library and learn about their preferred subject. This can also be known as the learning room.

The Innovation Space

What are your thoughts about a room which is designed to encourage innovation? Yes, the artist’s hub. White coloured walls with wet wall panels and a single string of bright colour, like red or blue, along with a huge desk, whiteboard and quotation hangings all around the room. The room will reek of creativity and innovation, which will help your employees to have a place where they can brainstorm and create better concepts.

The Snack Bar

Do you plan to include a cafeteria in your office layout? A Snack Bar is essential in every office, no matter how small it is, because the employees need a space, where they can sit, talk and eat. Yes, almost every office space has a provision for a cafeteria; however, some people don’t focus much on that room, i.e. they install a few chairs and tables in an empty room and call it a cafeteria. This is not a sound practice because your employees expect more from you. A vending machine, live counters, comfortable seating and quirky interiors together make up an appealing cafeteria. Don’t forget that inspiration can be found anywhere.

The Team Room

This is the most preferred room because similar to the Bob Marley Room; the Team Room is also designed to fulfil the desires of your employees. However, the only distinction in its designing is that the interiors should be planned by your team only. Yes, you need to ask them for ideas and make sure that you make them come true with utmost satisfaction. This room will represent your team and will make them believe that their opinions matter too.

The Multipurpose Joint

A multipurpose room is a significant part of every office space, which can either be used for meetings or any of the purposes mentioned above (other than as a cafeteria). Simple wooden furniture, soothing colours on the walls and whiteboards are some installations that will give this room a purpose. This room is designed to cater to more than one requirement; allowing your employees to use it when any of the other places are busy.

As you may have noticed that all these layout ideas are created to improve the working conditions for your employees because it is believed that if your employees are happy, then your clients will be satisfied too. This does not mean that you should neglect the conventional layout designs; however, don’t be turned off by the idea of offering a relaxing room to your employees because a stressed person cannot be creative or productive in his/her job, but a calm one will be.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

Simon Sinek



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