Why Should You Choose Node.js for Backend Development? Top 5 Reasons!

Backend Development With Node js

Are you searching for the best tech stack for backend development? There are several frameworks that can do the job, but Node.js stands out from the rest. 

Among developers and Node.js development companies, its unique features and capabilities make it the preferred backend framework. As of 2022, there were over 27.7 million Node.js developers worldwide. This number is expected to increase to more than 37 million by 2025. So, without further ado, let’s explore how Nodejs security for backend development excels.

Here Live Enhanced explore the top 6 reasons why you should choose Node.js for backend development. Let’s get in!

What is Nodejs?

Backend Development With Node js

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Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to run JS code on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux, providing a powerful server-side platform for creating scalable web applications. With its massive library, Node.js developers can build web applications seamlessly. 

Node.js is, however, misunderstood by developers as a backend framework, whereas it is suitable for both frontend and backend development. Despite this, Nodejs for backend development has more offerings than using it as a frontend one – hence, an active and vibrant development community is profound about using Nodejs for backend development. 

The node.js development community is large and vibrant, and many well-known companies, including Fortune 500 companies, hire node.js developers from the best app development companies. It is always a good idea to hire Node.js developers from a reputable Node.js development company for Node.js projects such as social platforms, business apps, peer-to-peer marketplaces, payment systems, 

What Makes Nodejs Ideal for Backend Development?

One of the main reasons why Node.js development is primarily preferred as a backend is due to its special features. The following are some reasons why you should choose Node.js for backend development. 

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Reason 1 – Handles Concurrent Requests Effectively

Backend Development With Node js

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The main reason for choosing Node.js as a backend is that it features an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. By using this, developers can build a strong backend system that is able to handle multiple requests simultaneously and unleash incredible performance. This feature makes Node.js particularly well-suited for applications that demand highly scalable and real-time functionality.

Reason 2 – Vast NPM Playground

Another reason for choosing Node.js for backend development is the Node Package Manager (NPM). Node package manager – a type of ecosystem that provides a vast array of ready-to-use modules and libraries. By leveraging the power of such modules, developers can harness existing solutions and accelerate their development process flawlessly.

Reason 3 – Expressive Frameworks

Besides the modules and libraries that Node.js has to offer, it is also complemented by robust frameworks, such as Express.js, which provide structure, routing, and middleware support to help developers create efficient and reliable web applications.

Reason 5 – Microservice Architecture 

Backend Development With Node js

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The microservice architecture support provided by Node.js makes it a great choice for backend development. By using Node.js as backend development, developers can break-down complex applications into smaller ones, allowing them to develop and deploy them independently.

Reason 6 – Cross-platform Compatibility

When using Nodejs as backend development, developers are free to explore multiple platform compatibilities. Node.js is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring that your applications can run smoothly across different platforms without any hiccups.

Reason 7 – Thriving Community Support 

Node.js boasts a vibrant and supportive community of developers, offering a wealth of resources, tutorials, and forums for knowledge sharing and collaboration. You’ll never feel alone on your Node.js journey!

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The Quick Insight of Nodejs Development:

In the following table, we have compelled some important technical details of Node.js as backend development; have a quick look!

Aspect Node.js
Launch Date27 May 2009
Developed ByRhyan Dhawl
Licence MIT
Latest VersionNode V20 (2023)
TypeJavaScript Run-time Environment
Coding ReusabilityMore Flexibility
Nodejs FeaturesV8 JavaScript Engine

Improves Application Performance

Stable Coding Process

Unified JavaScript Language

Rich UI for Native Applications

SEO FriendlinessPositive Impact
PerformanceHighly Scalable
Learning CurveGentle 
Community SupportActively strong support
Web App Speed Outstanding Performance
Cost of Web App Depends on the project’s complexities
Popular ApplicationsNetflix, Uber, Trello, Spotify, NASA, and etc.
When I Should Choose Nodejs for Backend Development?

Backend Development With Node js

source: cloudfront.net

There is no doubt that Node.js is a widely used back-end framework for creating classic web applications and server-side programming. In addition, it is used for non-blocking, event-driven servers such as websites and API services on the backend. The best web app development companies, however, overwhelmingly recommend Node.js when heavy computation is required.

Use Cases of Nodejs as Backend Development: 

Real-time fast Applications

Serverless Applications

Chat Applications

Embedded Systems

Gaming Applications

Wrap Up: 

Nodejs is a powerful backend tech stack that will never let you down, whether it is for startups or large companies. By using Node.js for backend development, developers can create a scalable app and seamlessly integrate with frontend technologies. So, if you are looking to build a fast and efficient web application that offers competitive market advantages – get in touch with Sufalam Technologies, the best Node.js development company, and hire a dedicated developer for your project today.

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