18 Outdoor Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas + Pose Tips

Outdoor Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas

As the leaves turn to fiery hues and the air grows crisp, there’s no better time to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Our guide to outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas will not only have you looking fabulous amidst the autumn splendor but also ensure that the vibrant season takes center stage in your cherished photographs.

Coordinate Color Palettes

When you’re planning your outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas, it’s crucial to consider the right color palette. Proper coordination not only ensures your family looks stunning but also captures the essence of the season.

Rustic Fall Tones:

family wearing rustic fall tone outfit in front of park

  • Embrace warm rust or burnt orange as the central theme for your family’s outfits. These shades capture the essence of the season and are ideal for fall family photo color schemes.
  • Complement the dominant color with touches of muted sage green and deep brown to evoke the natural beauty of fall, enhancing your colors for fall family pictures.
  • Add a touch of elegance with creamy beige or soft gray accessories to complete your family’s rustic look for an outdoor fall family picture.

Small family in rustic fall tones Outfit with toddler

Autumn Jewel Tones:

Family sitting on Blanket during Autumn wearing Burgundy Tones

  • For a luxurious and regal feel in your Halloween family photo shoot, opt for rich burgundy as the dominant color in your family’s attire.
  • Pair this bold hue with deep emerald Brown and sapphire Dark blue to create a stunning contrast that reflects the season’s opulence, making it perfect for fall photo color schemes.
  • Highlight your family’s outfits with metallic gold or copper accessories for that extra touch of autumn glamour, enhancing your outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas.
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Woodland Neutrals:

Family Walking Pose with wearing Woodland Neutrals like Yellow, Green

  • Embrace classic taupe or camel as a cozy base color for your family’s ensemble, ideal for Fall colors for family pictures.
  • Combine forest green and chocolate brown to channel woodland beauty, while ivory or cream adds sophistication to your family’s outfits, enhancing your outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas.

family with cute kids in autumn park sitting on Branch holding Fall leaf's

Golden Harvest Hues for Your Family Halloween Photoshoot:

family with little son in autumn park wearing deniem and yellow Tones

  • Infuse your family’s attire with the vibrant energy of fall by choosing goldenrod or sunflower yellow as the focal point, suitable for an Outdoor fall family picture outfit idea.
  • Match these warm hues with earthy terracotta and warm chestnut to create a harmonious color palette for your Family Halloween photoshoot.
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2 color pairs for fall Outfit combinations
Color Pallet From blog.churchart

Avoiding Clashing Colors:

Avoid neon or overly bright colors, which may detract from the season’s natural beauty, an essential aspect of planning fall family photo color schemes.

happy family autumn park mother father son daughter are sitting tree trunk wearing Autumn Outfit

Ensure that each family member’s outfit complements others both in terms of color choices and style, which is key to achieving success with your outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas.

Before the photoshoot, it’s a practical idea to test your family’s outfits together to ensure everything works seamlessly, a useful tip for your Halloween family photoshoot.

For your outdoor fall family photo outfit ideas, don’t forget to include complementary accessories like scarves or hats since they may help pull the overall ensemble together.

family wearing accessories like scarves or hats sitting on bench in Park with 2 child behind

Choose the Right Location

When planning your outdoor fall family picture outfit ideas, selecting the perfect location is the first step to creating stunning autumn family photoshoot memories.

Scenic Outdoor Settings:

Fall’s natural beauty provides an enchanting backdrop for your family photos. Consider using one of these lovely backdrops for your autumn family photoshoot:

Local Parks with Spectacular Fall Colour:

Family wearing autum outfir sitting on blanket

Select a nearby park with a variety of deciduous trees to take advantage of the stunning autumn colors. The vibrant, organic autumn color scheme will improve your family portraits.

Family Halloween photoshoot in park with Smiling face and Autumn Outfit

Backgrounds for Reflective Water at Lakes:

Outfit ideas for family fall sitting in Front of lake

Choose lakeside locations for your photographs to give them depth and richness.

happy family walk autumn day and doing photoshoot near Lakes

Trees in Apple Orchards:

Orchards with apple trees offer a rustic charm to family with proper pose and Outfit

Apple orchards may offer a cozy and welcoming ambiance if you’re looking for a rustic charm. The orchard’s earthy tones along with the color palettes you’ve chosen for your fall family photos will make for a striking backdrop.

You’ll set the atmosphere for an enthralling outdoor autumn family photograph by picking the ideal location that fits the season. Let’s now go into some original costume suggestions that will make your family stand out in these natural locations.

family walking through apple tree farm with pose and pastel tone outfits

Expressive Family Poses:

Find expressive family poses that capture your group’s coziness and warmth, turning each fall-themed outdoor photograph into a treasured memory.

Family Posing Advice:

Family pose During fall season in park with Outfit idea suggestion

  • To feel that coziness, adopt the traditional stance of sitting on a blanket.
  • For a vibrant appearance, line them in a row while varying the heights and angles.
  • Hold hands, give big hugs, and enjoy silly moments to remember your real ties.

Happy Parents watching Childen Playing in Park

Capture Candid Moments:

Outdoor Fall Family Picture wearing Fall outfit tone like Brown and off White

  • Take candid photos of the young as they play and laugh naturally to capture these priceless moments.
  • Take pictures of your family’s genuine happiness by capturing their impromptu responses and endearing grins.
  • For a realistic shine in your candid photographs, seek out gentle, warm natural light.
  • Be patient and keep your camera at the ready to capture those lovely, unanticipated moments that make your family’s journey special.

family Candid image while playing with fall leafs


These suggestions will enable you to create precious memories that you will keep forever while being embraced by the autumnal splendor of nature and the warm relationships of your family. Prepare for the picture session and the fall by getting ready. Happy Autumn!

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