8 Beautiful Wedding Traditions from Different Parts of the World

wedding traditions

A wedding is a big milestone event. However, people from around the world celebrate its significance differently, according to age-old traditions they still practice to this day. Read on to discover some of these beautiful beliefs at Live Enhanced

Norway: Crowned against evil spirits

wedding traditions

source: framemark.vam.ac.uk

Most brides do not come to the wedding without their engagement ring. That’s the most significant bling they bring, and the diamond cut, clarity, color usually steal the show as they walk down the aisle. But in Norway, it’s not the only piece of jewelry that draws attention, but the bride’s crown, too. And they are worn for a good reason. Norwegian brides wear ornate crowns in gold and silver with small dangling charms, which produce a sound each time they move. That tinkling sound is supposedly the key element to deflect negative vibes and evil spirits.

India: Ink up

Brides in India traditionally get inked with a henna tattoo on both hands and feet the day before making the union in marriage official. The primary purpose of this custom is to keep the bride calm and collected in light of the stressful days leading to the wedding. 

Mexico: The infinity lasso

wedding traditions

source: theplunge.com

Mexican couples get an eight-shaped lasso draped around their shoulders during the marriage ceremony. They create the beautiful loop with rosary beads and flowers to signify the couple’s hopes and dreams for a lasting, blessed, and happy union.

Philippines: Dove release

One of the integral parts of a wedding ceremony in the Philippines is the release of two white doves (a male and a female) to symbolize a harmonious and peaceful life ahead.

Cuba: Pay-per-dance

wedding traditions

source: pinterest.com

There are lots of dancing that happen at weddings across cultures. If you are in Cuba, however, make sure that you have money to pin on the bride’s dress if you intend to dance with her. It is common practice to help the couple with their finances for the wedding or the honeymoon afterward.

Greece: Groom’s on the spotlight

Most wedding customs and traditions involve the bride, but Greece keeps one that involves the groom for a change. First, the groom’s appointed best man should shave him on his wedding day. Then, he gets a sweet treat of honey and almond, courtesy of his mother-in-law.

Spain: Brides in black

Spanish brides traditionally wear black instead of white to signify their commitment to the popular phrase “till death do us part.” It may be cringey for some people, but it’s a custom that conventional brides follow.

Congo: No smiling allowed

wedding traditions

source: scooper.news

Here is another customary tradition that would tickle your curiosity. In Congo, couples are not allowed to smile at any point, from the ceremony to the reception. Their ability to suppress smiles shows how serious they are about the commitment they just made in marriage.

People celebrate weddings as a happy occasion of uniting two souls as one for the rest of their lives. There may be different ways of treating this event, but it all boils down to that. 

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