Benefits of toys for your children’s growth

toys for your children’s growth

Playing is a child’s nature, and toys play a vital role in children growth. There are a variety of such plastic one made by blow mold on the market, mostly ABS material that is relatively safe for children. A good toy can promote the development of children’s language movement skills, ideas, and can develop children’s observation, attention, imagination and thinking ability. In addition, what are the benefits for children?

1.  Mobilization of children’s activities enthusiasm

 toys for your children’s growth

The development of children’s minds and body is realized in activities. Toys can be free manipulated and used by children to meet the needs of their activities and enhance the enthusiasm of activities.

2.  The inspiration for children’s association activities

 toys for your children’s growth

Such as hospital toys, doll toys can cause children to associate with hospitals and families. Toys encourage children to develop creative role games that enhance their ability to analyze, synthesize, compare, judge, reason and develop thinking depth, flexibility, and agility.

3.  Active thinking and imagination

 toys for your children’s growth

Playing toys positively carries out kids’ activities such as thinking and imagination, which can be expressed through other activities of the hand or body. If a kid plays with building toys, your child must conceive, both hands-on and brain. Children also encounter some difficulties in playing with toys. These difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome and insist on completing the task, thus cultivating the excellent quality of overcoming difficulties and striving for progress.

4.  Cultivation of cooperation spirit

 toys for your children’s growth

By playing with toys kids can be helped to cultivate a collective concept and a spirit of cooperation. Some toys are for children to use together. For example, using a long rope as a playing toy. This one itself requires many children to use it collectively. In the long rope game, the children exercise and cooperate with peers to coordinate each other’s movements and enhance the collective concept.

5.  Improvement of perceptual knowledge

 toys for your children’s growth

The toy has the characteristics of an intuitive image, and the child can touch, take, listen, blow, watch, etc. , which is beneficial to the training of various senses. Such as the moving toy which often uses plastic material like ABS, helps a child’s motor development. Toys not only enrich kids’ perceptual knowledge while developing the feeling and athletic ability but also help to consolidate the child’s impression in life.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, toys have had a lot of positive effects on the growth of children. So how do we choose a “good” toy for them? The answer is that you need to know which aspects of the toy are good for your child, and you need to know if the toy is suitable for children of this age.

Firstly, by function, toys can be divided into 6 kinds.

 toys for your children’s growth

  • Operational toy: These toys make the child’s small muscles more flexible and promote eye-hand coordination toys, such as cat soil, threading, bending, stacking blocks and so on.
  • Scientific toy: A scientific toy that attracts children to observe, collect and analyze. In addition to the curiosity that provokes children’s fanaticism, they can also develop ideas for observing, analyzing, collecting information, doing things and seeking truth from facts, such as mirror, kaleidoscope, and various specimens.
  • Social toy: Including dolls, stuffed toys, and toys designed in the context of life, such as playing games in supermarkets and airports, letting children experience the world of adults in their emotions and knowing the environment around them and absorbing relevant life experiences.
  • Action toy: These toys can exercise your child’s large muscles and coordination of various parts of the body, such as baby crawling toys, various carts, rideable bicycles, throwing darts, etc.
  • Art toy: This toy can develop creativity and the ability to read, write, and discover the good things in life.

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Then we classify toys according to the age of use.

 toys for your children’s growth

  • 1-2 years old: Push-pull, ball toys, building blocks toys. Children at this stage begin to learn to walk independently. They need toys to help them stay balanced while walking independently. More than that, building block toys can promote children’s understanding of shape and color, carrying out preliminary intellectual enlightenment for children.
  • 2-4 years old: Shaking, balancing toys, colorful toys. 2-4 years old children are sensitive to visual senses, and different color stimuli can promote the formation of children’s imagination and creativity, so the toys at this stage should also be colorful. Variable toy styles and shapes allow children to feel different changes in touch feelings and enhance the overall development of the child’s brain. Shaking toys like Trojans and swings are always the children’s favorite. Except for giving children a happy time, they can also develop their balance, physical coordination, and problem-solving skills.
  • 4-6 years old: Plush toys, models, play house toys. As the child masters the ability to walk independently and the initial language ability, the child’s thinking ability is gradually cultivated. Children always like to imitate adults and gradually from their own consciousness judgment and character ability through imitation objects study. By providing children with toys in this area, they can develop their independent and social skills, accelerate the formation of their emotional intelligence.

Children can’t grow without toys. By playing with toys, they can begin to understand the world and slowly form their own values. Of course, toys are just a tool to help children opening the door to the world. The most important thing is the guidance of parents, let them go more solid and firm on this road.

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