7+ Essential Things To Do Before Getting Pregnancy

things to do before pregnency

Certain pre-pregnancy advice is universal. If you are considering becoming pregnant, you should stop smoking and start taking a prenatal vitamin depending on age. However, general pregnancy advice is not necessarily useful for individuals embarking on the parenting journey later in life. Discussions on particular fertility supplements for women and techniques for increasing egg health will be more useful. Whatever group you fall into, it is never too early to start thinking about pregnancy. If you and your partner are considering trying to conceive, there are several things you can do right now to prepare for the journey ahead.

First, Communication

things to do before pregnency

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When it comes to raising your future children, you and your partner are a team. It’s a good idea to start talking about important parenting concerns before you get pregnant. Discuss your plans for religion, daycare, and education. During these discussions, you do not need to have all of the answers. This is the moment to investigate your ideas and preferences. You will gain experience in compromising and resolving conflicts, which are important skills to have if you have a kid in your house. Include some enjoyable parenting topics in your talks, such as vacations and holiday rituals.

Fitness is Key

things to do before pregnency

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Both partners’ bodies might suffer during pregnancy. Both parents’ health has a long-term impact on the health of your future children. Now is the time to begin making healthy choices in order to boost the health of your pregnancy and your future children.

You and your partner should work together to maintain a healthy weight. This is a BMI range of 18 to 24. If you’re substantially overweight, a 7.5 percent reduction in total body weight has been demonstrated to provide considerable health effects. It lowers blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, and boosts overall energy, all of which are beneficial while trying to conceive.

Eat Right For One

things to do before pregnency

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Many of the foods and drinks we eat are not good for us, which is an unpleasant truth. What you consume when pregnancy has an impact not just on you but also on your unborn child. It will be easier to give up these forbidden foods when you are ready to get pregnant if you start reducing your consumption of them before you get pregnant. Couples who are planning to start a family should cut back on their alcohol and caffeine consumption. They should also avoid trans-fat-containing meals, which have been linked to infertility.

High-mercury seafood such as tuna and swordfish should be avoided by both partners. Mercury is a hazardous metal that can build up in your bloodstream and harm your brain. It’s also a great time to start taking a prenatal vitamin. Once you become pregnant, you will create a pattern that will make it less likely for you to forget your daily dose.

No To Caffeine

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Some doctors recommend that you limit your caffeine intake to no more than 200 mg per day while attempting to conceive and throughout pregnancy. That’s roughly one 12-ounce cup of coffee or four 8-ounce glasses of tea. Instead of coffee, try decaf or warm, spiced milk.

If you can’t get out of bed without a cup of coffee, simply have one and keep it small.

Throwback Date Nights

things to do before pregnency

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Certain activities become more difficult or less pleasurable when you are pregnant. Make the most of your pre-pregnancy period by scheduling as many date evenings as possible. Catch a movie at the cinema because sitting still for two hours without a restroom break becomes virtually difficult while pregnant. Plan lengthy treks or camping vacations, as well as long-distance flight travel and any other adventures that will be more challenging after you get pregnant. Use your pre-pregnancy time to reconnect as a pair. It’s time to build memories. When your child enters your life, everything changes for the better.

Get Ready For Babymoon

things to do before pregnency

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It’s time for a grown-up vacation. Go somewhere alone or with your partner that you wouldn’t take a baby with yourself, whether it’s to a nice restaurant or a peaceful beach. This is an excellent opportunity for some “me” or “we” time before you become too uncomfortable, unable to travel, and preoccupied with becoming a parent.

Saving For Little One

Hopefully, you already grasp how costly babies are. The average cost of raising one kid to maturity in the United States is currently above $275,000. The sooner you begin saving, the more you will profit from compound interest. Start saving for an emergency fund before you get pregnant to protect your family’s safety in the event of an unexpected event. An emergency fund should be three times your monthly costs for most individuals. When you have a kid to support, setting a target of six months’ worth of costs is a smart one to set.

Consult Your Doctor

things to do before pregnency

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Many doctors advise scheduling a pre-pregnancy exam with your ob-gyn at least three months before you intend to start trying. Especially if you don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis. You’ll want to make sure your vaccinations are up to date, that you’ve been tested for STDs, that you’ve been tested for heart-health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol, and that any chronic diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, or thyroid problems, are under control.

This appointment is an excellent chance to double-check that any medications you’re taking are safe to use while trying to conceive, as well as ask your doctor any questions you have about getting pregnant and pregnancy.

Finally, use this appointment to evaluate your connection with your doctor and ensure that you’ll want to see him or her again if you’re expecting. Check to see whether your doctor accepts pregnant patients. Your gynaecologist may not be an obstetrician, which may surprise you. Do you receive eye-rolls or words like “You don’t need to worry about that” when you ask her a question.  Remember, you’ll be seeing this person a lot when you’re pregnant, and you’ll need to be willing to trust her counsel at one of the most crucial periods of your life, so make sure she’s someone you completely trust.

Enjoy Your Journey

things to do before pregnency

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This is a thrilling period in your life. You and your partner will face many changes and challenges as a couple as you prepare to become parents. Even if you’ve already had a kid, spending time together doing the activities on this list will draw you closer as a couple and help you prepare for this next step.

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