A Closer Look At Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

One of the most popular types of wood is western red cedar since it is well known for its strength, durability, beautiful colour as well as benefits. Due to these characteristics, this particular wood is used in numerous construction applications. It is an evergreen coniferous tree and can easily handle different types of weather and environmental conditions while looking great. The western red cedar tree grows as tall as 60 meters and has a particularly large trunk. The bark is quite stringy and the tree itself has drooping branches. The wood is insect and rot repellant which makes the wood last many hundreds of years. There are even western red cedar trees that are currently over 1,000 years old. We will now take a closer look at the many uses of this type of wood, benefits etc. 

Construction Applications Of Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

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The great thing about this type of wood is that it is very easy to use and work with. It is used in many different ways such as making decking, timber cladding, and screening, boats, posts, shingles, pilings, fitting for greenhouses, windows, doors, siding, paneling, outdoor structures, and much more. You can even use many different types of finishes on this type of wood due to it being non-resinous. 

What Is The Colour Of Western Red Cedar Wood?

As a tree, the bark is a dark brown-red color. However, once it has been processed and made into lumber, it turns to a shade between light brown and a rich dark brown. Of course, you can use various finishes to change the look and color. 

Do note that if this wood is left untreated, it will get faded over time. However, many people enjoy this aesthetic, especially in cladding. When it fades, it turns into a grey-silver colour. 

Benefits Of Using This Type Of Wood

Western Red Cedar

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Very Sustainable

The great thing about western red cedar timber for construction is that it is quite sustainable to use and lowers greenhouse gases. Basically, it creates significantly less air and water pollution while also utilizing less energy for production. It is also completely biodegradable and renewable which makes it very environmentally friendly. This type of wood is quite abundant in many managed forests, which makes it perfect for frequent usage. 

Beautiful Aesthetic

Western Red Cedar

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The color of this type of wood is quite beautiful and is very appealing to most designers and architects. The color is very rich, vibrant and crisp which makes it a beautiful type of wood to use indoors or outdoors. It is widely used in modern designs due to its beautiful colour and will transform just about any space it is in. 

Fire Resistant

In addition to being beautiful, this wood is also very fire resistant and meets building code level 3. This means that it actually exceeds the requirements needed for fire safety. This makes it an excellent type of wood to use in any area of your home. 

Acoustic Properties

If you use this wood inside of your home, it can help to absorb and dissipate sounds so that you get more privacy. It is a great type of wood to use for soundproofing and can be used externally to make the interior of any home or building quiet. Thanks to the cellular structure of western red cedar, it is great to use in areas where you want sound reduction. As a result, it can be used in areas such as auditoriums, conference halls, music rooms etc. 

Strong & Durable

Western Red Cedar

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The final benefit is that this wood is actually one of the strongest and most durable types of wood available. It is still quite durable even if it is not treated since there are natural chemicals within it. It is also quite resistant to common issues such as bending or warping, cupping, shrinkages etc. Also, due to the natural chemicals, it is naturally resistant to termites, moisture and decay etc. 


Western Red Cedar

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Western red cedar is a beautiful wood that is not only all looks but is also very durable, sustainable, aesthetic, fire resistant and has great acoustic properties. This makes it a fantastic type of wood to use inside and outside of your home as well as in many other types of construction projects.

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