Top Reasons to Choose an Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Alexandrite Engagement Ring

If you are hunting for a uniquely special engagement ring from the diamond family, there is a gemstone worthy of this title. Under different lighting, the alexandrite engagement ring changes color. It appears greenish-blue in daylight and purplish-red under warm indoor lighting resulting in a fascinating color change.

Natural alexandrite stones, although rare, magically undergo a full-color change under different light sources. Imitation stones fail to make such impressive transitions. Natural gems are rarer than diamonds, making them a priceless possession for potential brides. 

Alexandrite, a Worthy Engagement Ring Contender

Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Since natural alexandrite is extremely rare, most of the engagement rings you see include a lab-created version of this stone. However, alexandrite, when created in a lab, displays similar properties to the natural stone. 

Listed below are top reasons for you to invest in an exclusive alexandrite engagement ring:

Durable Gemstone

In terms of strength, alexandrite scores high on the hardness scale with an 8.5 on 10. You will hardly find this durable stone reflecting scratch marks as alexandrite is reasonably resistant to scratches. 

Deeply Intense and Alternating Colors

Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Alexandrite reflects appealingly rich and deeply intense shades, which alter depending on the light the stone is subjected to. Its purplish-red and greenish-blue alternating tinges never fail to earn admirers, this being the stone’s most unique characteristic. 

Appealing Style Variations 

Some alexandrite engagement rings display a mix of brilliant cuts, like combining a step-cut pavilion with a cut crown. You also find these rings in oval, triangular, kite-shaped, or featuring concentric rows with parallel facets. The angle of the cut and other facets influences the intensity with which light reflects. 

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Easy to Maintain

Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Cleaning this hard stone with a soft brush using soap and room temperature water keeps it in top condition. After washing your engagement ring, dry it with a soft cloth. 

You are not required to follow any special maintenance guidelines for your exclusive alexandrite ring. Preferably avoid wearing this ring while using chemicals, undertaking heavy cleaning, or exercising. 

Excellent Clarity

Genuine alexandrite stone hardly displays any inclusions. Its spectacular clarity and intense color increase the value of this exquisite gemstone associated with bringing good fortune. No wonder alexandrite is an appropriate choice for an engagement ring.

Identifying a Quality Ring

Alexandrite Engagement Ring


Alexandrite engagement rings do not come cheap, so make sure you are investing in a certified stone. Certifications issued by a laboratory reputed for grading gemstones will divulge unbiased and reliable information about your purchase. For the best effect, select a ring where this stone is set in precious hard metal. 

Another test of authenticity is by checking that over 30% of the gemstone exhibits a color change. Always source your special band from a reputed seller as they mostly include a 30-day return policy on purchase along with a certificate of authenticity.  

If you come across an affordably priced alexandrite ring, dig deeper as you may be paying for a fake substitute. The genuine stone is a fitting choice for your engagement and a lasting investment.

Trust a site that provides all the relevant answers to identifying an engagement ring that best signifies the bond you share with your significant other. 

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