How to choose the Best Running Shoes for High Arches

There are individuals, who were born to have a high arched foot or cavus foot. This is a condition, where your foot has a really high arch. Due to this foot condition, your weight is placed on your foot’s heel and ball, especially when you are standing or walking as well as when you are overweight. Pains are often felt as well as instability when doing such activities.

So, why do you have this kind of condition? Actually, this is a type of a neurological disorder that you may have acquired because of polio, cerebral palsy and stroke to name a few. For some people, this foot structure was inherited. This is some sort of an abnormality and may worsen as you grow older or gain more weight.


You will know that you are suffering from this kind of disorder when your arch appears to be very high. Aside from that, you will also notice that your toes are bent or clenched. You may also have calluses on the foot, especially on the heel, ball or side. Your heel is tilting inward and this leads you to experience ankle sprains.

Having a high arched foot must not be a reason to prevent you from walking and running as well as doing your usual daily routines. That’s why it is very important for you to choose the best running shoes for high arches feet. So, we have here a few tips for you to take note.



Because of your foot’s condition, it is essential for you to choose a running shoe that is designed to support and carry the center of your foot. This is a special kind of support that must be able to carry your weight as you stand, walk and run. You also have to make sure that this support is high enough. Apart from that, you have to consider the cushioning, too.



Whatever your preferred fabric is, you have to make sure that the upper part of the running shoes will be designed with a breathability feature. This is not impossible nowadays because footwear manufacturers are using high-technology facilities in designing a lightweight material that would enable air to flow. Consider this one, too, because the ventilation will help you in maintaining a comfortable activity.



Any individual, regardless of foot abnormalities, deformities or disorder must choose a pair of running shoes that will make you feel comfortable with doing any activity indoors or outdoors. Through this you will be able to track and step on the ground efficiently.

You would be more comfortable, if the cushioning is not too stiff, bulky or heavy. Make sure to also have cushioning outside. Through this, the excessive moving or rolling of the foot inwards or outwards will be prevented.

If you think that your running shoes do not have enough cushioning or arch support. You may then use insoles or inserts to meet the desired comfort of the shoes. This will always depend on your running needs. So, do not expect to have the same cushioning with other shoes or person.



You need to be stable in order to have proper balancing when on the ground. Remember that the center of your feet does not meet the ground. Therefore, there must be a way to keep the foot in contact with the ground. Whatever will fill the center of the running shoes will help your foot keep the contact and stability. You have to check the outsole for this feature. You also need to make sure that this would make or look like natural to help you boost your confidence, too.



To be comfortable enough, your pair of running shoes must be flexible, too, especially, if you will be using it for your running activities. Through a flexible running shoes, you will be able to get help with the rigidity as well as the stiffness of your foot. Aside from that, it will also be very helpful in distributing the impact evenly as your foot meets the ground. Through a flexible upper, midsole and outsole, you will be able to move your foot naturally.

Shoes Shape

It is also good to consider the shape of your shoes. If possible, look for a curved or a slip last. This will not only give you a natural experience, but an added cushioning and flexibility as well.


If you are buying a pair of running shoes for a high arched foot, you have to make sure to personally do the shopping. Through this, you can fit well the shoes. If you have a doctor and can recommend you a shop, where you can find your shoes, then you better consider his suggestion. It is because your foot’s condition is not easy to manage because not all shops are selling a special type of running shoes for high arches.

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