What To Do In Mysore – Things To Know Before Visit Mysore

1. The Mysore Palace

The palace is also known as the Ambavilas Palace, visiting this royal and heritage residence is one of the eye catching things to visit in Mysore for having an enriching vacation experience. It is the perfect combination of its Indo-Saracenic architecture to its imperial interiors; everything here provides the justification of why Mysore is famous as the City of Palaces.

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2. The Chamundeshwari Temple

The temple is located on the top of Chamundi Hills; Sri Chamundeshwari Temple is another most stunning place to visit. Whether you are a true devotee of god or not, make sure you visit this place. The architecture of the temple defines how it impeccably shows the fierce form of Goddess Durga is awe-inspiring.

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3. The Brindavan Garden

Where to spend the evening should not be a difficult choice at all because the mesmerizing Brindavan Garden is the perfect place to be. The place is ideal to spend quality time with families, couples, and even friends; this beautiful garden is one of the most visited tourist attraction in the city. You can have a look at amidst the gorgeous flora, sit and unwind, fall in love with the fountain shows, and even take the boating ride nearby.

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4. The St. Philomena’s Cathedral

It was constructed in 1956; it is considered to be one of the largest churches in the country. The Gothic architecture looks all the more charming in the evening, making it the ultimate heaven for tourists wishing to escape the hustle bustle for a while and enjoy in peace.

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5. The Karanji Lake

The lake is situated right next to the Mysore Zoo; this lake is for anyone in pursuit of peace and serenity. While you’re here, you can try boating and enjoy the scenic beauty around or take a leisurely walk.

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6. The Local Delicacies

Trying the Mysore cuisine is one of most celebrated things to do when you’re here. Having a bite from its traditional sweet – Mysore Pak to its authentic and local cuisines like Idli, Dosa, Vangi Baath (rice with Brinjal curry), and more, everything here is a great treat for one’s taste buds.

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7. Visit the Jaganmohan Palace

Visiting the charming Jaganmohan Palace is another thing that you must add in your trip itinerary for Mysore. It adds magnificence to the city; this palace is an amazing example of old-age architecture and heritage. The interiors here are you can witness everything from the furniture used by the royal family to the work of royal art on their walls depicting the culture of the country.

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8. Take a tour of the Folklore Museum

This museum is undoubtedly one-of-its-kind in the city when it comes to folk arts and culture. It is a perfect spot for culture-vultures and anyone who wishes to witness the old-world charm, this place is a necessary visit. You can look at the utensils used in the past, the handmade items like multi-utility wicker baskets, sculptures, and many more things with a historic value.

Now you have many reasons to visit this beautiful place, then why not just book your train tickets or flight tickets and be there with your loved ones to have fun.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org

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