3 Natural Strategies for Coping With Chronic Back Pain

Coping With Chronic Back Pain

When back pain becomes a permanent fixture in your life, it really takes a toll. Taking strategic measures to manage your pain can make a profound difference in the way that it affects you.

Try Aromatherapy

Coping With Chronic Back Pain

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Chronic pain is both physically and mentally fatiguing. It isn’t just because you’re uncomfortable and don’t feel like doing everything. Pain induces a stress-response in your body that interferes with the processes that regulate your energy levels. Also, when pain is particularly severe, it disrupts hormonal balances. This is a big part of why physical ailments can dampen your mood even when you’re doing your best to keep your spirits up.

Aromatherapy is a natural way to adjust your mood, and it may also help to restore your energy levels. Try Young Living Essential Oils to alleviate stress associated with chronic pain. They’re made by a company that has exacting quality standards and sources the ingredients for its products sustainably. 

A scent that has a calming effect may offer some welcome relief when your back feels locked up or you’re experiencing an intense muscle spasm. You should also explore scents that have an energizing effect on your mood. Pain can be a formidable obstacle when you’re trying to concentrate, so using an aromatherapy product that stimulates your senses and helps you focus could give you a boost.

Avoid Foods That Exacerbate Inflammation and Hinder Digestive Function

Coping With Chronic Back Pain

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The connection between the foods that you eat and your back pain might not seem readily obvious, but your diet could have a big influence on your day-to-day pain levels. A lot of the foods that are dietary staples for many people tend to bring on acute inflammation. Hydrogenated oils, excessive quantities of refined sugars, and red meats can cause rapid inflammation in your body’s connective tissues and joints. Resultantly, a seemingly innocuous indulgence could make your back pain spike from a five to a nine pain level rating.

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Try to be conscientious about your dietary choices and reduce or eliminate your intake of these types of foods. Look for suitable substitutes so your palette won’t be deprived. If you’ve got a soft spot for sweet candies, try fresh fruits instead. Lay off of sugary sodas and stock your fridge with refreshing, naturally flavored seltzers. Instead of steak or beef, stick with chicken or pork. 

There are a few other potential benefits of modifying your diet to avoid inflammation-inducing foods. First and foremost, eating healthier stuff could support your efforts to maintain a healthy body weight. With less body fat, you’ll put less strain on your back, SI joints, and other areas where you have persistent orthopedic discomfort. 

A healthy diet promotes good digestive function. Oils, sugars, and meats are hard to digest, so the simple act of digesting a snack or meal will further deplete your energy when it’s already being affected by chronic back pain. Those foods can also cause buildup along your digestive tract. That impedes your digestive system’s ability to process food efficiently and make good use of the nutrients that you eat. With your digestive system in working order, you’ll be better able to reap the benefits of the nutritious snacks and dishes that you prepare. This is extremely important for people who suffer from chronic back pain because the nutrients in food play a vital role in cellular and musculoskeletal repair.

Wear Comfortable Footwear

Coping With Chronic Back Pain

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Problems with your gait may make back pain worse, intensifying the discomfort and exhaustion you feel when you have to be out and about for a long time. In fact, problems with the way that people walk can be an independent cause of orthopedic issues such as sciatica or dysfunction of the SI joint.

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Wearing shoes that are anything less than super comfortable is pretty silly when you’re struggling with a sore back. By wearing sensible, supportive footwear, you’ll be better able to walk normally. In turn, that can help you heal up faster when you feel an ominous twinge indicating that more acute pain probably isn’t far away. 

If you’ve been coping with pain over a long period of time, achieving any measure of relief can help you manage it better. Continuing to pursue new pain management options can help you improve your quality of life.  

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