Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

home cleaning

There’s nothing as annoying and buzz-killing as walking into a dirty and disorganized home. Even if you spend hours cleaning and sanitizing your home the previous day, if you don’t practice proper etiquette, your house can easily turn into a pigsty in less than 24 hours. Thus, you must equip yourself with the know-how to keep your home clean and sparkling at all times. If you don’t know how then check out the top 5 tips to keep your home clean below.  

Clean As You Go

home cleaning

The one way to ensure that your house is always clean is to get into the habit of cleaning as you go. When you are done sipping on your tea as you watch the news in the living room, return the mug to the kitchen, rinse it and add to the dishwasher. And if you go through significant clothes throughout the week, try to do your laundry daily.

This is not a habit you will master overnight, but as they say, practice makes perfect. The best way to go about it is to develop a light routine that is logical. Over time, you will adopt it as part of your routine. For example, in the morning when you wake up, make the bed before you leave the room, even use the bathroom. 

When you are done taking a shower, lightly scrub the walls in the bathroom to eliminate the light soap scum and deposits that were created as you were showing. Mop up the floor if it is wet before you leave the bathroom. Consequently, you will notice that if you get into this habit, thorough cleaning your home once a week will be more than enough. 

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Maintain A Cleaning Schedule

home cleaning

You will never get your cleaning done unless you maintain a realistic and practical schedule. Designate time at least once a week or once in two weeks to thoroughly clean your home. To leave your home sparkly clean, focus on even the smallest elements.

These include;

  •   Designated a full laundry day
  •   Remove excess grime and food from the dishwasher, microwave, and oven
  •   Soak glassware in a vinegar solution to keep them sparkly clean and new
  •   Scrub all areas of your bathroom including the toilet bowl and under the seat
  •   Change the curtains, if you have spares

And during the cleaning day, develop a practical process to ensure you clean everything thoroughly. It is always a good idea to work your way out. Begin with the bedrooms and bathrooms and work your way out to the living room and entrance.

As you employ the technique of cleaning rooms one by one and working your way towards the living room, you should also incorporate the same cleaning model in the rooms. Begin with the roof and work your way down.

Clear the cobwebs on the sides of the floor and wipe out the AC and windows before vacuuming or mopping the floor. This technique is, in fact, practical because if you begin by vacuuming, you will have to do it again after wiping your windows. 

Use Doormats and Shoe Racks

home cleaning

The entrance area of your home is the most nerve-wracking part of the house for neat freaks this is because this area integrates heavy traffic. The more people you have in the house; the more work the area requires. During the thorough cleaning day, focus your vacuuming on this area as it will need twice as much cleaning. 

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Use doormats on these areas so you can clean your footwear before entering your home. Setting a shoe rack also helps to keep you home neat as you and your guests can leave your soiled shoes there. The mats also help to trap dust that would otherwise spread around the house. A doormat can be ideally on the exterior side of the entrance. 

Kitchen Shutdown Routine

After your entrance/exit area, the kitchen is the second headache. If not well maintained, this part of the house can easily fall under. Imagine a sink filled with used pots, filled trash cans, unpleasant smells from leftover food.

This is a sight you don’t want in your home. So to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t get to this point make sure that you have a kitchen shutdown routine. Put excess food in containers and store them in the fridge, arrange dirty dishes into a dishwasher, mop up the floor if it’s wet and clean up anything else before you retire to bed.

Declutter & Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

home cleaning

It is easy for your home to look disorganized and unclean because of the accumulation of unwanted items. During your cleaning process, collect and get rid of items that you are not using. If unsure, ask yourself questions such as do I need this item? What do I need it for? How am I going to use it? Will it hinder anything if I don’t have it?

In addition, tossing everything in the trash may not be your thing. Yet, there’s always someone who needs an item that you do not need. So give it away if you don’t need rather than cramping unwanted things in your home. Doing so also helps your house to breathe, reduce dust accumulation and stay clean.

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You should also practice decluttering your home. This doesn’t mean getting rid of all your items but rather finding a better and more organized way to keep them. For items that you are actually using and in need of, find a convenient storage method. Use furniture or décor that also doubles as storage.

So instead of scattering your photo frames and vases around the room, get a console table or a display cabinet to store them. Invest in puffers that also bear storage space so you can toss in books you are not reading and other items. In your bathroom or bedroom, get stands to store your toiletries and make up rather than scattering the toiletries all around your bathroom sink area or dresser ideas at Live Enhanced.

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