The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners

Home improvement projects are often continuous. Proper maintenance is the key to saving money and making your plumbing system last longer. This can also boost the value of your property. Truth be told, many homeowners usually find the entire plumbing system complicated and have no idea about the steps to follow during emergencies. It’s advisable to enlist the help of a licensed plumber Adelaide and enjoy quality services. This plumbing checklist will come in handy for every homeowner.

Look out for unusual signs

Look out for unusual signs - Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners


Several serious plumbing issues can be prevented if you detect and find a solution early on. Here are the signs you must pay attention to in your home.


Corrosion - Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners


Corrosion is often indicated by orange or green stains around the shut-off valves or metal fittings. Ignoring this sign may make water pipes to leak.

Water Leaks

It’s better to seek professional plumbing Adelaide services immediately you notice leaks or watermarks indoor or outdoor.


Mildew - Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners


The presence of mildew on your pipes can serve as an indicator for other major issues.


Caulking - Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners


Plumbers usually seal caulk beads near sinks, toilets, and tubs. Water damage can occur once they start failing. Consider sealing the affected areas with fresh caulk to protect your floors and walls.

Water heater

The ideal thing is to clean your water heater at least once a year. This is because it can be affected by the build up over time. The plumber Adelaide will also inspect your water heater for other issues during their visit.


Toilet - Ultimate Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners


Ensure that you replace missing or damaged parts in your toilet. The toilet should be firmly attached to the floor even if it’s rocked gently. In case yours is unstable, the wax ring may need a replacement. This issue can be plumbing related too. Don’t hesitate to ask a plumbing Adelaide firm for professional help if your toilets get clogged frequently.


It’s risky to allow your sink, shower or tub to become fully blocked before cleaning them. Try to remove the drain traps and get rid of debris. This is the best way to prevent clogging. Blocked pipes are the leading causes of water flow obstruction. Homeowners may need to replace an entire equipment at the end of the day.


Leaky faucets are a common issue that most homeowners overlook. It may lead to an increase in water and energy bills. The first step involves cleaning the aerator. Check whether your faucet handles are in perfect condition when working or not. It’s imperative to locate the shut-off valve of your home. Test whether it has the ability to shut off water flow completely. You can rest assured that the structure of your home won’t be affected during emergencies.


Make sure that you check the sinks in your garage, kitchen, and bathroom from time to time. Remember to test the ones that you rarely use around your home too. Sinks will start draining slowly when they are clogged. Get in touch with a trustworthy plumber Adelaide to avoid unnecessary stress and expensive repair costs.

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