Christmas Craft For Kids: Stay Busy Little One!

Christmas Craft

Decorating your home for the holidays is always a smart move! Until you recall that you’ll have to juggle your children’s hectic schedules, prepare your festive feast, buy gifts, and, well, all others. This is why these Christmas crafts for kids are essential: They’ll keep your kids engaged until Santa arrives, while also providing you with new decorations to showcase this holiday season. These Christmas crafts are designed for small hands, making them incredibly quick and simple to complete. Adults can have some fun too!

Christmas Craft For Toddlers To Teens:

Whatever you and your kids decide to make, the most interesting step is that you’ll be spending some quality time together during the holidays—and who doesn’t want that? Simply consider making one of our favorite Christmas crafts for kids with some glue sticks and paint.

Cracker House

Christmas Craft


While your kid may require assistance in constructing a huge pile structure out of sweet treats, they will have a blast renovating these traditional Christmas houses. Allow plenty of frosting and colorful candies for the kids to get their hands dirty with this one. The best adherent is royal icing, which is extremely sticky & dries too quickly.

Xmas Stamped Bags

Shift to the craft area and gather your supplies after spending time in the kitchen with the kids preparing and decorating cupcakes & cookies. Using snowflake rubber stamps and light blue, dark blue, and white ink, make snowflakes on the fronts of brown paper bags. Make a simple set of special snowflake goodie bags to give away your tasty snacks.


Christmas Craft


Have you given up on finding partners for a pair of mismatched socks in the laundry room? With this simple guide, you can turn them into winter snowmen. Stocking their sock with uncooked rice, composite material it into a snowman, and finishing it with beads and paints will be a hit with the kids. An adult can assist by securely stitching (or gluing) everything tight.

Xmas Slime

Making slime is one of the most simple activities you can do with a kid. We strongly advise you to try this grinch slime for this reason and others. The making process is full of sensory delights, and the majority of the components are likely something you already have on hand. 

Sparkly  Icicles 

Christmas Craft


The only modeling material required for this tactile project is triangles of aluminum foil. Trying to squeeze the foil to produce slender icicles helps children develop motor skills, and they can then express their creativity by adding paint and sparkles. These look lovely strung together in a handcrafted garland or as glittering DIY Christmas craft ornaments.

Popsicle Tree 

This easy activity does not require any messy paints or markers if you start with colorful craft sticks. Adults should hot glue Xmas tree triangles altogether, and children can embellish with sparkles, pom poms, and little jingle bells. Make an entire set to use as homemade decor; these popsicle stick Xmas trees look adorable strung with each other in a garland.

Candy-Cane Reindeer 

These candy cane reindeer are another fantastic low-cost DIY option that will bring a bit of whimsy to your Christmas styling. Quickly glue on little bright red pom noses and wiggly eyes, then wrap a brownish pipe cleaner antler over the candy cane slope. If you want to keep your candy canes completely edible, replace the craft adhesive with royal icing.

Glittery-Clay Ornaments

Christmas Craft


It’s been raining glitter this Christmas.  Kids have liked using their shaker pots to give a little sparkle to almost all of their crafts (who will not love a little shine?) and these adorable sparkling clay Christmas craft decorations have been a big hit this season.

Xmas Leaf Painting

The leaves are not quite as vivid as they were a short while ago, however that doesn’t mean you can’t use your nature collection. Consider this Christmas craft, in which a shriveled fallen leaf is transformed into a jolly Santa face. This kid-friendly activity requires only non-toxic paint, a brush, and a length of the string. Of course, your little one might not be able to live up to Santa’s jolly face. 

Handprint Art Christmas Craft

It’s straightforward. It’s entertaining and will look excellent hung on the Christmas tree or just placed in the kids’ room. Make this really cute and extremely simple handprint craft using your toddler’s mittens. Little kids will enjoy having their palms and fingers coated in non-toxic enamel paint, and the result is just as enjoyable as the process. There are six distinct handprint pictures to produce as well, so your toddler can get three rounds of creative fun out of this simple art project.

Pom-Pom Snow Balls

This happy snowball Christmas tree ornament requires some special equipment, including a pompom machine, but the method itself is simple and suitable for toddlers. Although small children will need assistance when trimming the facial features out of the colorful felt, your sibling can guide by stuffing the wool into the pom-pom maker & gluing process

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