Why Should You Wear a Tie? The Complete Guide

Wear a Tie

Are you wondering why some people continue to wear a tie?

Ties have always been a symbol of power, nobility, and coming of age. It became popular when King Louis XIII saw the piece of clothing Croatian mercenaries wear on their neck. He took a liking of the decorative piece and made the ties mandatory at Royal gatherings.

After that, French aristocrats started to use it to display their social and political status. It has come a long way since then because it was more used to style men and women’s clothes as a fashion statement.

Why Wear a Tie?

Wear a Tie

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Wearing a tie can do a lot of good for you. You can pull off any formal/casual outfit with ease! Read on for some of the top reasons why you should wear a tie and how you can add it to your look.

You Look Sharp and Dapper

There’s no better way to look sharp and dapper when you want to dress up no matter what the occasion. It’s no wonder why people are still wearing a tie at weddings and business dinner parties to look good!

Did you know the right tie can elevate your style in an instant?

Ties are great focal points in any outfit to create a center of interest. Not only it draws the eye up and down to make an impression of a leaner body, but it also makes you look more fit.

Create a Positive Professional Image

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in. The first impression counts in every social interaction. If you want to look professional without much hassle, wear a tie.

This elevates your outfit even you’re wearing something casual like a striped dress shirt and dark trousers.

If you are going to apply for an interview, always dress for the job you want! An interviewer’s perspective will depend on how you dress. It tells them how professional and the effort you are willing to put in right from the get-go.

Boosts Self-Esteem and Improves Performance

Wear a Tie

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The clothes you wear are important for keeping holding up your head high. It has a lot of influence on changing how you cognitively function and view yourself.

Wearing a tie in a formal setting means serious business. It is much easier to get your head in the game and focus faster on the task at hand. As a result, your productivity and performance level improves which affects your confidence in your own abilities.

Shows Your Personality

It’s no secret there are so many unspoken rules when it comes to fashion. While looking dapper and stylish is important, you need to show bits of your personality. In this way, you wouldn’t look awkward and out of place in your casual or formal attire.

Ties are one of the few things you can have any fun with while expressing yourself (albeit subtle). You can choose different colors and pattern that suits your personality! It adds a dab of color to your otherwise plain-looking outfit.

How to Wear a Tie

Isn’t it amazing how as simple as wearing a tie can do so much good? It could be all for naught if you don’t know to wear it the right way. To get the benefits mentioned above, these are the things you keep to keep in mind on how to wear a tie:

Consider Your Body Type

Wear a Tie

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The ideal width and length of a tie are different for everyone. One good rule to follow is that if it doesn’t match your body type or proportions, take it off immediately.

Broad shoulders call for a wider tie (around 2.5 to 3.25 inches) to match their larger physique. If you have a slimmer body type, around 2 inches tie width is the way to go.

The length of the tie should be as long as the belt below your stomach. Anything shorter or longer than that is going to come across as careless. This is why fit and good proportions are kings.

Know the Best Ties to Wear

Do you want to start collecting ties to build up your wardrobe? That’s great because it’s the best way to discover awesome combinations with your clothes! These are the most classic and seasonal ties for you to wear:

Solid ties are the ideal place to get you started on the basics. Dark blue and burgundy are rich in color that is easy to complement in a navy suit or jacket.

Wear a Tie

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Spotted and repeating patterns are some of the popular ties for men. They work best on lighter in color dress shirts. It’s a nice little accent of color to avoid looking dreary.

If you want something a little different, how about floral ties? It’s the preferred tie during weddings while making you more approachable and distinguishable from the rest.

Bow Ties

If you want to diversify your wardrobe early on, we recommend buying a bow tie. Not a lot of people wear bowties so it’s a great way to stand out. Keep in mind we are not talking about the pre-tied bowties, where you clip it on your neck but the self-tie ones.

Fashion tip: When it comes to wearing a bow tie (or necktie, we might add), you need to tie it yourself.

Pre-tied bow ties look too perfect and symmetrical. This is an obvious sign that you don’t know how to tie it yourself. Don’t worry about looking too disheveled because that’s how you should wear it!

Color Palette

Wear a Tie

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The color palette is important for creating visual contrast and a balanced look. Select a dress short first then choose a tie to ensure it matches the color palette.

You can start with the monochromatic color scheme. Use the same color but with darker and lighter shades combined. This is the safest way to experiment and see what looks good together.

Feeling a little adventurous? Triadic and complementary color schemes are levels higher than the previous one. You need to understand how warm and cool colors interact with each other for providing synergy to make it pop.

Reasons Why and How You Should Wear A Tie

We hope we are able to convince you why ties are not only accessories but a necessity. Remember that when you are in doubt, wear a tie!

Did you find this guide helpful? If you want more, take a look at more of our blog posts for the latest fashion tips at Live Enhanced!

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