Do Mobile Apps Work For Network Monitoring Or Not?

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If you have a business that is primarily online, it is likely you are using some type of a network monitoring system. If you are ever attacked, such as with a DDoS attack on your server, it’s good to know when this is happening. In fact, there are many that are able to prevent these attacks from occurring by funneling the traffic through a separate server before it gets to yours. There are many other ways to monitor your network, but many people wonder if it is possible to do so using mobile applications. If you have a smartphone, and you would like to monitor your network using an app, let’s look at whether or not this is possible.

The Basics Of Network Monitoring

The Basics Of Network Monitoring


Network monitoring is so necessary in our world today. The vast majority of companies are doing most of their business on the web. Businesses like Amazon, Walmart, and many others have a very strong online presence. These companies are able to put up strong defenses, protecting them from infiltration or attacks from unscrupulous people trying to take their websites down. That’s why you need to have a comprehensive network monitoring system, provided by a service that will take action if any of the alarms are triggered.

How Do These Software Programs Protect Networks?

The software programs that are developed are aware of every physical component of a computer. The way that these attacks come in is through the hardware. If they can find a way through, or if they can come through the packets of information directly to your server, you could see the collapse of your entire business within a matter of seconds. The software programs used by network monitoring companies will monitor every server that you have. They are looking for recognizable signs of problems. They are set up with alert systems, and if there is any detection of a potential attack or similar problem, this will alert those that are monitoring the network day and night. In many cases, there will be parts of the software which will automatically go into action. They can block these attacks almost instantly. However, it may also take the expertise of a qualified technician to read the signals and take the necessary action to prevent problems from happening.

Can You Use Phone Apps With Network Monitoring?

Phone Apps With Network Monitoring


You are able to use network marketing apps in many cases. Applications on phones are nothing more than software programs. In this particular case, they are able to access the main server where the monitoring is happening. The app simply displays the information, typically real-time, so that you can see what is going on. Additionally, alerts may also come through the app. Technology has advanced to the point where this is possible. There are some companies that do not have this high level of network protection, yet some of the more well-known network monitoring services can definitely provide you with apps that will show you alerts as they occur.

The Benefits Of Network Traffic Measurement

Network traffic measurement represents many different ways to protect the network from going down. This would include an assortment of protocols that are designed to interact with the alert system. Additionally, there is Internet server monitoring. If the attacks do come in through the World Wide Web, they will know almost instantly. All of this information will be displayed on a screen, and it is this screen that the application is accessing. If you are able to monitor all of the traffic that is coming into the server, then you can prevent most of the problems. That’s why businesses that are able to successfully against things like distributed denial of service attacks will use secondary servers to filter all of the traffic that is coming in. The primary benefit of network traffic measurement, therefore, is that it will ensure near 100% uptime for every server that uses these services.

How To Find A Network Monitoring Service

Network Monitoring Service


although it is unlikely that smaller businesses will be subjected to these types of attacks, large and medium-sized businesses certainly will. If you would like to have this type of protection, you must evaluate the different network monitoring services that are currently available. Keep in mind that these companies do not necessarily have to be in your city or town. They are doing everything across the web. If they are filtering your traffic, this is going to route everything through a server that could be thousands of miles away. What you are looking for is the company with the best reputation. Those that are highly recommended by current and previous customers are the ones that you will want to use. If you don’t have this type of defense up, you are literally at the mercy of those that may find your website online and take down your server.

Do All Of Them Use Mobile Apps?

There are quite a few businesses that have applications that will work on both android and Apple phones. For example, they have popular companies like Fing, PingTools, and WiFi Analyzer. Once these are added to your phone, you can connect this to your network monitoring service. This will allow you to see what is happening at any given time. Always remember that the protection is being provided on a separate server from a company that is doing all of the work. These apps are simply designed to show you what is happening. If you see something occur, and you want to verify that it is being rectified, you can contact that company right away to find out what is going on.

Mobile apps are becoming a staple in our society. They can be used for many different services. You simply have to compare the different companies that offer these services to determine which one will offer you the best protection. Once you have use the apps a couple of times, it will become second nature. Just make sure that the company that is providing the apps is also giving you the best network monitoring services for a fair price.

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