6 Excuses Not to Exercise…and Crushing Them

Excuses Not to Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us and should be part of our life. The ways we benefit from exercising are many. We become fitter, healthier, we lose weight, we gain muscle, become more agile, get into good shape, have more energy, feel better about ourselves. But we tend to make many excuses why it is impossible for us to work out. Nothing should be impossible when our health is in question. Here is how to overcome our excuses and stay on a healthy path of training.

1. I have no time

This is one excuse we all made on numerous occasions. We live busy lives with little free time on our hands. But it is not entirely true. We can find 30-60 minutes every day for our exercises. If you say to yourself – working out is helping me feel better, than it will not be that difficult for you to find time to work out. You can get up 30 minutes earlier and go for running before work and get 30 minutes of exercising at home after your work. Not every day your schedule will be so full and you will have time for everything. Make your exercising part of your daily routine and stick to it.

2. I am too tired to work out

Excuses Not to Exercise

Yes, we all feel tired after a day full of unexpected tasks and feel like just crushing on our couch in front of the TV. The last thing we can think of is exercising. We need to rest. But we are not doing ourselves any favors. Actually, exercising can make us feel more energetic, less tired and fitter for more activities. It may be difficult to start (even if it isn’t), but once you get into it you will start to feel better.

3. I feel fatigue before and after my exercises

This may not be just an excuse. It is a known fact that burning calories makes your muscles sore and causes fatigue. Also, the amount of branched-chain amino acids during exercise declines which is the reason why you feel tired. In order to avoid this and reduce the feeling of tiredness, you should drink bcaa powder mixed with water during a workout for maximum impact. By doing this, you will also prevent muscle loss, recover faster, soften muscle soreness, and help youself burn fat faster.

4. Repeating same exercises day after day is boring

Excuses Not to Exercise

That may well be true, but that doesn’t make it less of excuse. It’s true that repeating is boring and that doing the same exercises day after day will soon drive you to the edge of depression. Break the habit of doing the same exercises every day and try something new from time to time. For example, you don’t have to run on a treadmill looking into the same wall every day. Instead, go outside and run outdoors enjoying the ambiance.

5. I am at a healthy weight

Healthy weight does not mean your body is fit. You may have a healthy weight but when you start thinking about your shape or your muscle build, you will understand that you need much more to keep your body in perfect condition. Exercises make our muscle build up and keep them burning our fat turning it into healthy energy. That is a process we can’t achieve just by eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. We need to exercise as well.

6. I am not fit enough to start exercising

Excuses Not to Exercise

This is one excuse that is not easy to overcome.  If you are overweight your body truly tires faster and you need more energy to do an exercise than people who are not overweight. But that doesn’t mean you should give up before you even started. Baby steps are the key here. Don’t try to overwork yourself. Start by doing only a few exercises and build up from there. Build up your condition little by little and enjoy the fact that you are feeling better each day.

Exercising should be a big part of our lives. This is one thing we can do for ourselves that will help us build up our health both physically and psychically. We are just humans and finding excuses not to work out every day is what comes naturally to us. The truth is, skipping a day of exercises will not kill you, but taking one day off is not the same as taking a long vacation from exercising. Keep crushing those excuses and benefit from your working out.


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