What Are The Risks of Motorcycle Riding?

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

Even though riding a motorbike is one of life’s greatest pleasures, just a few percent of individuals in the auto-obsessed western world do so. Part of this might be due to the perceived risk of riding a motorbike. It’s uncertain whether the danger is genuine or simply a myth, but let’s look at some facts and statistics concerning the risks associated with riding, as well as some of the methods to avoid these accidents.

When it comes to insurance, motorcycle insurance is just as vital as car insurance since motorbikes pose the same dangers as vehicles. As a result, there should be no bias in terms of protection coverage for bikes and automobiles. If you’re looking for an insurance provider, Surex is the best option. It is a top insurer in the market, with a wide range of affordable plans and the best customer service. 

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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Here are the most common risks of motorcycle riding at Live Enhanced.

Road Hazards 

Motorcyclists are more at risk from roadside objects. Debris in the road, potholes, slippery surfaces produced by oil or other substances, puddles, unevenly paved roads, gravel, and other road hazards are minor annoyances for motorists. This can cause a motorcycle driver to lose control, resulting in fatal accidents and casualties.

Panic Breaks

When someone needs to slam on the brakes, there’s always the risk of a crash, but it’s always riskier on a motorbike. Because your front brake supplies 70% of your stopping force, you must utilize it. However, if you grip the brake too firmly, you risk locking up your front wheel and falling off the bike.

Low Visibility 

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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Motorcycles are significantly smaller when compared to other vehicles. It makes the bike more challenging to see, particularly in congested areas or in inclement weather. Nearly three out of every four motorcycle and other vehicle collisions occur at junctions, where drivers are unaware of motorists. One of the many dangers of motorcycle riding is being hit by a car turning from an intersection.

Crossing Of Railroads 

Motorcycle tires can become caught on railroad crossing rails, causing the rider to be tossed off the bike. When the timber between the rails turns wet or slick, these crossings become even more unsafe. The motorcycle’s wheels might lose traction, making it difficult to keep control of the vehicle.

Lack Of Experience 

Some motorcycle accidents occur not as a consequence of another driver’s irresponsible behavior but because of the rider’s lack of ability to operate a motorbike. To ride a motorcycle safely, you must have a basic grasp of the vehicle’s limitations and physical condition.

Slick Surfaces 

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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Slippery roads are commonly caused by rain and ice; riders should be aware of slick surfaces even if the sky is clear and the weather is pleasant since other liquids such as oil stains and new paint may also cause a motorbike to lose grip and tremble.

Losing Control As A Result Of A Manufacturing Error or Poor Maintenance

When the rear and front tires are not appropriately aligned, the front end might tremble or wobble due to high speeds. If the high-speed causes an accident because of faulty manufacture or improper repair work, the manufacturer will be held liable for the losses and injuries incurred. 

Tips To Avoid Accidents
Prepare Yourself

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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Wear leather or another thick, protective material with long pants and sleeves, as well as gloves, robust boots, and eye protection. When the weather becomes cold, don’t forget to layer up or invest in thicker, temperature-appropriate clothing.

Make Yourself Visible

Wear bright colors and make sure your outfit and bike have luminous features. Whether it’s day or night, use your headlight. Ride in the lane that makes you the most visible to other drivers, and honk if you’re not sure whether they see you.

Motorcycle Collisions 

Motorcyclists, like all other drivers, have the same rights. Check for blind spots, communicate your intentions, and stay away from distractions.

Avoid Alcohol While Driving

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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Don’t consume alcohol before riding a motorbike or a car — alcohol is responsible for 50% of motorcycle and car accidents. As a result, you should avoid alcohol as much as possible while riding, and if you do drink too much before riding, you should take a cab or ask a friend to drive you.

Learn How To Operate Your Motorcycle

It is critical to know how to use and operate your motorcycle perfectly, including gear shifting, braking, and part usage. You should also know the signs and all safety rules so that you can ride safely and avoid being shocked when riding a motorcycle for the first time. 


When you’re riding, make sure to focus on the road. Avoid listening to music or attending a phone call. Don’t ride when you’re upset, and be prepared for lane changes and swerves. Keep an eye out for sand patches, potholes, railroad tracks, and other road dangers, as well as other motorcycles.

Motorcycle Insurance In Canada

Risks of Motorcycle Riding

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In Canada, motorcycle insurance is mandatory. There is a minimum level of coverage that is a must for all riders. The main distinction is that insurers frequently demand higher limits from riders. Why? Motorcycle riders are at higher risk of injury and death. Motorcycle insurance is a must whether you own a classic motorcycle, a scooter, or any other type of motorized two-wheeler.  As a result, having motorbike insurance coverage is essential for safe ownership and riding.

It protects motorcyclists in the case of an accident. Accidents, theft, vandalism, damage, and other factors can all result in a loss. In a policy, it comprises the following forms of required coverage:

  • Third-party Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Accident Benefits 
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage 

Motorists are more likely to be involved in fatal or severe traffic accidents. Motorcycle riders may improve their safety by being aware of the most prevalent causes of accidents and taking actions to decrease or eliminate the danger, whether it’s additional caution while lane splitting, anticipating road hazards, or fighting the urge to speed.

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