Low Impact Workouts That Will Get Your Blood Flowing


Having an effective blood circulation system is essential to deliver all the blood, nutrients and oxygen around the body. Having an efficient circulatory system is also essential to filter toxins and waste out of the body. If you have good circulation, your cholesterol level will improve and the chance of your arteries clogging up and causing strokes or a heart attack are hugely reduced.

One of the best ways to boost your blood circulation is to take more exercise, however what if you simply can’t cope with a high impact workout? Whether you have joint problems, weight problems or are simply getting on in years and aren’t able to go out for a jog any more, there are lots of other ways of taking low impact exercise which can help to keep your circulation operating at optimal levels.

What Causes Poor Circulation?

Commonly poor blood circulation is caused by the blood vessels hardening, making it harder for your heart to function and pump your blood around your body. It is especially difficult to pump blood to the legs and hands. Blood vessels may be inflamed due to a blood clot, or may be hardened because of a high cholesterol level which can lead to plaque building up and narrowing the arteries. Also, as we get older, the blood vessels harden naturally. If you eat fatty foods which contain high levels of cholesterol and live a sedentary lifestyle, the chances of poor blood circulation are higher. Therefore, finding ways to get moving and improve your diet is essential to your well-being.

The Importance Of Exercise

Exercise is vital for encouraging better blood circulation through the body. The level of cholesterol will drop and excess weight can be shed, even from performing relatively modest amounts of low-impact exercise. So what kinds of exercise can be considered to be low impact? Some of the most popular include swimming, walking, yoga and low impact aerobics. Performing this kind of moderate exercise should be done for about 150 minutes each week.

Working Out In The Gym

You can work out in several ways in the gym in a low impact way. Stationary bikes are one useful yet low impact way to get your blood flowing, and using elliptical machines is another. Both minimize stress on the joints but get your heart functioning more effectively. If you’d rather take a class, water aerobics is a brilliant way to protect your joints while building muscle by using the water’s resistance. Zumba is also a wonderful way to get your blood flowing. There are lots of different classes, including those for older people, so you’re sure to find one for you. Visit bestshoes.reviews now to find more information about how to choose the right footwear for your workout so you can minimize any chance of injury.

Exercising At Home

You don’t need to go to the gym to practice low impact exercise. There are lots of things you can do for free either at home or outdoors. Going for a brisk walk is a great way to boost your blood flow and get your heart pumping more efficiently. You can also check out a simple online yoga class and work out in your living room. You can also buy some light weights to keep in your own bedroom. There’s no need to bench press huge weights to reap all the benefits of a weightlifting workout. If you strength train for 20 minutes a couple of times a week you’ll find your endurance, muscle strength, circulation, coordination and balance will improve. A few easy triceps and biceps curls, shoulder raises and upright rows are ideal for getting started.

Changing Your Diet

There’s no point in doing more low-impact exercise if you’re still going to eat a lot of unhealthy, fatty foods. Try to include more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in your diet and minimize the amount of sugar and fat you eat. Try to eat more foods which contain iron and vitamin C like chickpeas, citrus fruits and beans and eat more vitamin E-rich foods like olive oil, garlic and onions. These will thin down the blood, improving your circulation.

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