Three Drinks That Are Surprisingly Good For Your Health

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You’re no doubt well aware of the health benefits of drinking green tea and kale juices, but if the idea of knocking back glass after glass of either of these healthy options leaves you cold, you’re probably wondering what you can drink that won’t damage your health but won’t taste terrible. While we all know that water is the very best thing to drink, there are times when you’d rather have something a little more flavorsome. The good news is that whether you’re in the mood for a hot beverage or something a little more refreshing, there are a few drinks out there which you may believe are bad for you, but actually offer some surprising wellness benefits.

Here are three beverages which we’re sure are going to surprise you by the advantages they offer.


You probably don’t immediately think of beer has having any health benefits, however there’s some surprising evidence out there to show that beer is packed with flavonoids which have anti-cancer properties. Beer has been shown to have potential benefits in fighting cancer, and therefore if you love a glass of beer in the evening, there’s no reason not to indulge. Not only that, but beer also contains vitamin B6, a vitamin which has been shown to help the heart to stay healthy. People who drink beer have been shown to have better bone density as well as lower blood pressure, so drink that cold beer in confidence!

Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate

Are you in the mood for a hot beverage this is luxurious and soothing? There’s nothing that quite hits the spot like hot chocolate. If you’re worried that all that fat, sugar and calories are bad for you, it’s time to think again. You can confidently indulge in this most comforting of winter treats thanks to the concentration of antioxidants in the cocoa content of hot chocolate. In fact, hot chocolate has been shown to have more antioxidants than green tea and red wine – two drinks which are famous for their antioxidant properties. Hot chocolate has also been shown to be good for your brain since it can boost the blood flow around the body. If you need to feel alert without the stimulation of the caffeine that coffee produces, consider switching to hot chocolate instead.



Sometimes, only a cup of the brown stuff will do. Whether it’s to get you going in the morning or to give you a pick-me-up during the afternoon when you’re feeling sluggish, a hit of caffeine from your favorite java is sometimes the only option that really satisfies. Many people are worried that coffee is bad for them because of the caffeine content, and for that reason, tea has long be favored as the healthier of the two top hot beverages. However, recently it has been shown by experts that caffeine offers its own benefits to the health. Not only does coffee make you feel alert – essential if you’re exhausted – but it also helps us to form memories more effectively. As an added benefit, the antioxidant content in coffee could lower the chance of developing heart disease.

The compounds which are present in coffee beans activate nitric oxide, a molecule inside the human body which relaxes our arteries to boost circulation and lower blood pressure. Even better, coffee has been shown to help boost our metabolism – particularly good news for anybody who is worried that they spend most of their day sitting at their desk at work. There are lots of ways to enjoy coffee, but one of the most convenient options that can produce a tasty cup of strong joe in minutes is to use a French press. you’ll find helpful advice and information that will help you to choose the perfect French press for you so that you can get on with enjoying your favorite caffeinated drink in style.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cold or hot drink, you’re sure to find that one of these three beverages hits the spot. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be reaping many excellent health benefits, doing your well-being good while also enjoying a cup of your favorite drink. There had to be a better option than that kale smoothie!

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