What’s Normal For A Teenage Behavior And What’s Not

teenage behavior problems

Teenage can be a quite intimidating stage for both parents and child. They go through a lot of changes and mood swings that even parents don’t get what is wrong with their child. With the changing hormones, it is quite normal for your kid to throw tantrums but if they are quite intense, maybe it is not normal.

Check this list of teenage behavior problems and if they are normal or not.

Mood Swings:


The teenagers can have a number of mood swings due to the hormonal changes. It is perfectly normal to throw tantrums as they are going through many changes and have to deal with a lot. They can be happy one moment and sad the next moment. This is entirely normal for a developing teen.

However, if the mood swings are intense and rapid, then this is a problem. Sudden and frequent changes are not good. It can be an emotional problem, and you need to monitor your child’s activities closely.

Isolating From Any Social Activity:

Isolating From Any Social Activity Teenage Behavior Problems

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It is normal for a teen to try to keep their parents out of their life because they want to be independent. They also feel misunderstood by the older generations. If this is the problem, you need to talk to your child and let them know you are there for them.

But, if the kids start to shun all the social activities even with their friends, the situation could be critical. Perhaps, your child is experiencing some mental illness.

Risk-Taking Activities:

Risk-Taking Activities Teenage Behavior Problems

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At this stage, it is normal to engage in some experimenting like sex and alcohol. Though it is quite normal, it can lead to a major issue. To avoid that, explain to them your values, expectations, and consequences of violating the rules.

If you see extremely delinquent behavior such as cutting to release emotional or physical stress, disregarding parents, or house rules, it is a concerning issue. Talk to them or try teenage behavior management courses.

Physical Changes:

Teens tend to worry about their physical appearance at this, and they try to fit in with new styles and trends. They want to stand out and get tattoos or piercings. There is no harm in trying those trends if their desire and attempts to get them is normal.

But if you see any significant changes in eating behaviors or over-exercising, it may be a cause for concern. Extreme weight loss or gain and sudden changes in appearance need expert attention.

Extreme Physical Changes:

At this growing age, it is normal if your child needs more sleep or is developing a larger appetite. But, if you see sudden physical changes including sleeping abnormally for long hours or not sleeping at all and overeating or under eating, you need to seek professional immediately.

Anxiety That Lasts More Than A Few Weeks:

With peer pressure and hormonal changes, it is quite normal for teenagers to be depressed. If it lasts for a few days, it is perfectly fine, and you don’t need to worry.

But, if anxiety or sadness doesn’t correct itself in a few weeks, it could be a sign of an emotional problem. In this stage, all your kids need is your love and attention. Get them to talk about their feelings and be very open about it. If you think this is not helping, you need to seek professional advice.

Hope these points will be helpful for you and you can understand your child better. By keeping these in mind, just give them your love, care, and attention to help them get through this challenging stage.

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