The 5 Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit With Your Dog

A pup can give you companionship, loyalty, and joy. Aside from these, your new dog can also help you improve your quality of life. Dogs are playful and active by nature and they make great workout buddies. They are also curious and love exploring, which means you will probably find it easy to take them anywhere. When you own a dog, you also have to remember that they also need regular exercise to stay healthy. This is the main reason why you have to take him out for a walk and play with him every day.

And when you do all these activities with your pup, you get to work out, as well. A 30-minute daily walk with your pet helps you burn calories, strengthens your leg muscles and joints, and boosts your cardiovascular health. Playing with your canine friend also allows you to work out your body and relieve stress.

But walking and playing fetch are not the only activities you can do with your pet to stay healthy. Moreover, there are other ways you can stay healthy and fit with your pet while having fun. Here are some of them:

1.Having a healthy diet

Having a healthy diet

Food plays a crucial role in helping you and your dog stay healthy. For you, this means having a well-balanced diet and limiting your intake of fatty, salty, sweet, and artificially preserved fare.

For your pup, it involves feeding him high-quality pet food. Ask your vet about the best pet food you can give your pup that will meet his dietary requirements based on his breed, age, and size. You can also go online and search for products recommended by both experts and dog owners.

Ensuring that your pet has a healthy diet also means not going overboard with feeding him food from the table and choosing nutritious treats to give him when training or rewarding him.

2.Going for a run

dog Run

Shake up your weekly workouts by going for a run once or twice a week.

Going for a run with your dog allows both of you to enjoy the outdoors, strengthen your muscles, and increase your stamina all at the same time. However, unlike walking, running is a high-impact sport. As such, you have to ease your pup into this workout. Start slow when running with your dog. On your first run, stick to 15 to 20 minutes. Take a break or two if you see your pet getting tired. Increase the duration of your run on your third try or when your pet needs fewer breaks.

If possible, go on a run with your dog on a trail since doing so on the roads can be dangerous. The grass and soil are also softer on your puppy’s paws and joints. Additionally, don’t forget to bring water and a few treats when going out. Don’t forget to put an ID on your dog’s collar, too.


Hiking with dog

If your pet is not a fan of running, but you want to do more than just walking him every day, go for a hike.

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities you can do with your pet. It is also an intensive, total body workout that’s great for you and your dog’s body and mind. On your first hike, choose a short, less intense route and work your way up. Pick a less hilly trail as well. Additionally, take the time to check if pets are allowed in the area. Always bring water and treats during your hikes. Also, make sure your dog is comfortable on a leash and has his ID on the collar. If possible, bring a first aid kit and be prepared to pick up after your pet since the workout may stimulate his bodily functions.

In case your pup is cautious or wary of other people or dogs, always inform the hikers you run into, to avoid getting into any problems. Be vigilant, as well.


Dog Swimming

Most dogs love taking a dip, especially when the weather is hot. If you love swimming, bring your pup the next time you go to the beach, lake, or pet-friendly pool.

The health and fitness benefits of swimming are the same for both humans and dogs. It is a low-impact workout that burns calories, helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Swimming is also an excellent cardiovascular workout that strengthens the muscles, bones, and lungs. If your dog is new to swimming, do this activity with him once a week first. Make sure you keep an eye on him. Once he’s conditioned enough, you can start swimming with your dog more often. If you have a private pool, you can even let him take a dip every day, whenever he wants to. However, make sure that your pup is not working out too much. Like humans, dogs may feel sore or stiff after swimming. This usually goes away after a day or two.

If you notice that your pet is sleeping and lying down more often than usual after a session, give him a day or two to get enough rest and sleep before going swimming again.

5.Brain exercises

brain exercies

Lastly, to stay healthy and happy, you and your pet need to exercise your mental faculties too. As such, look for activities that work out your brains.

Puzzles are great brain boosters and boredom busters for dogs. Although you can buy these items from your Dubai pet foods supplier, you can also give yourself a mental workout by creating them yourselves. The Internet has many videos and instructional guides on easy-to-make food puzzles. You can use items you already have at home like cartons, milk jugs, tennis balls, and their containers. Consider creating an obstacle course for your pet using simple items such as old tyres, ropes, hard boxes, and wooden planks. Designing it allows you to use your creativity and imagination. Once completed, your pet will be able to spend plenty of time working out his body and mind navigating the course.

Getting a dog is a great way to start having a healthier lifestyle. When you do all these activities with your new pet, you can expect to experience more health benefits and help your pup stay in great shape, too.  

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