Factors Driving Text-To-Give Fundraising You Should Take Note Of

Text-To-Give Fundraising

Text-to-give is arguably the most popular fundraising method today. Several fundraisers have found it very handy as they embark on their fundraising drive. It is rare to call the bluff of text-to-give when one weighs in on the effectiveness. 

However, let’s look away from the advantages this time and discuss what makes text-to-give tick. How has it become the most-sought fundraising method at the moment? This issue and more will be duly addressed in this article – right about now.

Vast Use Of Mobile Phones

Text-To-Give Fundraising

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One cannot but consider the impact of technology on how things are being done. And this is very much felt in the fundraising sector as most giving methods are driven by technology. The massive use of mobile phones, in particular, has been valuable for text-to-give fundraising projects.

Moreover, the increased use of text-to-give is bound to be considering the growing number of phone users. A report by Statista stated that there are more than 6 billion smartphone users worldwide.  

High Level Of Effectiveness

By reason of use, the text-to-give method is highly effective. For one, it is easy for donors to send in their donations through it; they can do this from anywhere. All that the donors need is the text-to-give details linked to a particular fundraising type. On the part of fundraisers, text-to-give presents an option through which they can quickly retrieve raised funds.

Plus, it is not difficult to set up and is quite secure to use. Your data and donors’ data are safe when you use text-to-give to collect donations.  

High Level Of Acceptance

Text-To-Give Fundraising

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Another reason for the growth of text-to-give is down to its wide embrace. Many fundraisers have become fond of this model. They are always eager to share the details with donors across social media channels. And donors are not also left out of the equation. 

This high acceptance level is primarily a function of its effectiveness and ease of use. The wide acceptance of text-to-give has further made people more aware of it. Against this backdrop, one could safely conclude that the text-to-give model has come to stay. 

Reliable Service Providers

The growth of text-to-give might have been best imagined with the input of the service providers. These companies should be considered one of the major reasons that interest in this fundraising model has been sustained.

The influence of reliable providers who dole impressive service offerings is even more notable. You will learn more about text-to-give service providers as you read on.

5 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Text-To-Give Platform

Text-To-Give Fundraising

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The text-to-give model holds several benefits that you can’t just wave aside. We perceive you may already be considering reaching out to a service provider to have it set up. But before you go on, it would help if you ponder on this – what makes a good text-to-give platform? 

The truth is that some providers promise eye-catching offers, but some do fall short in the end. So, addressing the above question will help you sift the good from the not-so-good ones. Let’s consider some critical criteria of selecting a text-to-give service provider.


A search for text-to-give service platforms through the internet will certainly return multiple results. But then, you need to know if the ones showing up have a good coverage for your area. This is very important as it would ensure the smooth flow of service delivery.

Availability can also be linked to customer service learning – an integral part of a business. You have to consider the predisposition of the providers towards satisfying their customers. How promptly do they respond to customers’ queries or resolve emerging service-related issues?

You may not be able to expressly answer this question based on your personal experience now. You can, however, draw insights from the reviews of customers who have subscribed to their services. A good text-to-give service provider must always be available to address the concerns of her customers.  


Reputation isn’t just about a platform’s name or the number of years it has been around. It is more about how reliable the company is. To this end, you want to know whether or not it usually delivers on its promises. The need to go for a reputable company cannot be overemphasized, considering that money is involved.

Again, it is crucial that whichever provider you are rooting for has an operating license. In other words, you should avoid being swayed by crooked text-to-give service platforms or their agents.


Text-To-Give Fundraising

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A few service platforms go the extra mile to integrate some interesting features into their text-to-give platforms. These unique add-ons give text-to-give platforms an edge – over others that do not adopt them. What you get in return is a user-friendly and effective giving system.

For example, payment processing methods like PayPal, etc. are featured on some platforms to improve the means of acquiring donations. Another notable feature is follow-up automation which ensures that your donors are duly acknowledged and appreciated. These features [and more] make text-to-give exciting to use for your fundraising campaign.  


The quality of the service offering must also be put into perspective. Good service quality will bring about a pleasing customer experience. It should not go without saying that virtually all the above factors add to service quality in one way or another.

You may need to check what other customers say about the service provided by text-to-give companies. You shouldn’t trade anything else for this level of quality.


It would help to compare the cost before settling for any text-to-give platform. One doesn’t have to break the bank to get excellent service when using text-to-give for fundraising. So, you should look out for the provider that offers the best offer at the most reasonable price. By the way, you can set a budget around it from the get-go.


It would be unthinkable for any fundraiser to look away from the text-to-give model. It is one model that won’t stop thriving any time soon. So, you should maximise the avenue and take your campaign to a new height.

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