Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term that is usually only relevant when you’re selling or buying real estate. That’s understandable; first impressions are important. That’s why they say that curb appeal could make or break a sale. No one in Texas buys a house solely on curb appeal, of course. With enough of it, however, buyers are compelled to give the house a chance and bother checking out the interior.

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What if you’re not selling or buying a house? Why should curb appeal matter to you? An attractive façade is a source of visual delight. For the homeowner, it’s also a matter of pride. You can take pleasure from going home to a beautiful house. How your property is perceived from the street is part of that.

Getting Serious about Your Curb Appeal

Beauty shouldn’t only be skin-deep. It’s true for houses as well; however, keeping the exterior appealing is also important. This means making sure that the sidewalk in front of your house, your yard, driveway, and front entry collectively look presentable, if not downright impressive.

Here are some simple and easy tips you can apply to raise your curb appeal.

1. Make your door eye-catching.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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If you can afford it, invest in a beautiful front door. The style would have to depend on the general aesthetic of your home, but make sure that it’s one that makes a statement.

If your budget doesn’t quite run to a new door, you can just get creative. Paint is one option. If you have a penchant for dramatic-looking features, choose a bright color that grabs attention. Adding embellishments like an ornate knocker or a unique-looking knob can also make your otherwise ordinary door more interesting.

2. Set off your home with a warm glow.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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Stylish lamps by your front door are a delightful addition. They also provide attractive illumination when it’s dark. If you have a lawn or a front yard, you can line up low-voltage landscape lighting along your hedges or down your walk. They would look so pretty all lit up at night.

If you don’t want to have to call an electrician, you can install solar fixtures yourself. Take note though that brightness levels aren’t as high with solar lamps. Thankfully, the Texas sun is pretty reliable for most of the year. You can usually guarantee that your lamps have been sufficiently charged during the day.

3. Work to make your lawn impeccable.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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A well-manicured lawn is a thing of beauty. It doesn’t need to be grand and sweeping to be impressive; it just needs to be properly cared for. Making the right choices with regards to turf and plants is key, of course, but so is getting the right maintenance service. For instance, when it comes to lawn care, North Richland Hills, TX homeowners should hire a service that’s familiar with the needs of a Texas lawn in all the seasons.

4. Plant flowers for a lovelier, more cheerful façade.

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Seeing a front yard brimming with flowering plants is a distinct pleasure, but the upkeep can be taxing. Nonetheless, you can certainly enjoy having flowers in a more manageable fashion. Container gardens are simpler and easier to take care of, as well as move around. Hanging pots and window boxes are also good options for adding a floral appeal to your curb.

5. Dress up your mailbox.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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Give special thought to the mailbox you install. It should go with the exterior style of your home as well as match your personality. The mailbox should mirror the trimmings of your home, but if you know how to effect a successful contrast, you can try to achieve that instead.

If you have to make do with a standard issue mailbox, you can paint it, add decals to it, or even plant pretty flowers underneath it.

6. Add amenities that attractively mark your property’s border.

Easy Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

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There are DIY kits available for setting up garden gates, decorative fencing, and even more dramatic arbors. Check out Timber Ridge Fence Company for the selection of fence material, style and design ideas. You’ll be surprised that you can set up such enhancements yourself. They usually require nothing more than for you to connect the parts together. Check out what’s available at your local home depot or online.

7. Wash with a fresh coat of paint.

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The exterior surface of your home definitely has a big influence on your curb appeal. It doesn’t matter how impeccable your lawn is or how many attractive details you’ve added if your exterior walls are dirty, faded, peeling, or cracked. Periodic maintenance is necessary for your home to remain looking fresh, so you might want to set aside a fund for it.

Work in Progress

The good thing about boosting your curb appeal is that you can work on it step by step. Many of the above tips make great weekend projects that also provide an opportunity for you to get creative. You can even bond with loved ones if you decide to make it a family effort.

You can pay to achieve awesome curb appeal, but the little things you do can work together to give your property an exterior that would make any Texan proud.

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