Overlooked Factors When Getting a “House With a Character”

House With a Characte

You could just imagine yourself waking up to the soft light of early morning sunbeams flooding into your Victorian townhouse or Cape Cod bungalow. Later, you could take a walk around your neighborhood and visit co-ops and rustic bookstores or artisan coffee shops and live the rest of your life in “main character” bliss.

It may be the Hallmark Shows or the Romance Movies that influenced you or even the hours of house tours you watched on Youtube that made you want your very own house with a character. But no amount of quaint little neighborhoods and warm morning sunshine can take away the stress of owning a home with bad plumbing and an awkward layout. Below are some often overlooked but essential considerations when buying your very own home.

Wirings, Water, and Gas Systems

House With a Characte

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Plumbing is probably the last thing you think of when buying your classic house, but owning a house with historic appeal comes with the issues that any old house has. Make sure that proper upkeep has been done not only for the exteriors and interiors but also for the systems inside of your building.

The house – whatever architectural style it may be – may have undergone several renovations and overhauls through the years but the water and gas systems must also undergo maintenance and updating. Make sure that the pipelines are in top shape and that a good valve supplier & manufacturer XHVAL, being one of the best, has been chosen. It would be a shame for your cozy candlelit bath to be ruined by the water damage caused by leaky pipes.

Apart from the plumbing, water, and gas systems, wirings should also be properly inspected and updated. Old and faulty wirings are common in old houses and when buying one, you must be sure that they are replaced with newer and safer ones to avoid any electricity and fire-related problems in the future.

Pest Problems

House With a Characte

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Nothing spoils an otherwise beautiful dinner than a mouse or cockroach suddenly entering the scene. These pest problems, however, are something you may expect when buying an old home. Come to think of it, these pests have been living in your home longer than you may have. Make sure to have the home inspected and rid of pests like insects and rodents before you move in. 

Pests are not only eye sores but may actually be health concerns especially when these pests are near areas where you prepare and store your food. These insects and rodents may get into your pantries and gain access to the boxes and packages which makes them unsafe to eat. Not only that, the ruined packaging and its contents will make a mess in your cabinets and pantries and may even attract other insects like ants.

Pests can also cause damage to your furniture and the home itself. Rats and roaches tend to make nests within the walls and may cause structural instability in the future. They may also leave urine and droppings in upholstery, drapes, and carpets that may cause diseases and allergies, apart from the horrible smell, that can truly ruin your home’s cozy factor.

The Layout

House With a Characte

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Old houses, especially those which are not the kinds that are detached from other buildings tend to have smaller spaces and with that, awkward layouts. These houses were not built for the myriad of different bulky appliances and equipment that modern homeowners now have. The washing machine, dryer, oven, dishwasher, and many other appliances were not put into mind when these classic houses were first built which is why they are often cooped up in awkward places in the kitchen, laundry room, and every other room in between.

If you’re buying a house with a smaller space, expect to find unconventional layouts. Space-saving furniture, including racks and shelves, that maximize vertical space may help in optimizing the small floor area that some of the classic houses have. China has a selection of space-optimizing furniture like laundry racks that rest above common washing machines or dryers, and even racks that can maximize counter spaces. A good tip to save time and money when shopping for furnishing your home is to buy all your items in one go and to avail of freight forwarders like China freight forwarder ZggShip.


Beautiful architecture, cozy interiors, and a warm and welcoming neighborhood may be what you are focusing on when looking for a romantic classic home of your own, yet some underlying factors must also be considered. These may not be the first ones you assess but are essential things to examine and think about. The help of professionals may even be employed to arrive at the best decision. These practical factors, when considered wisely, can add to the magical experience of owning your classic home.

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