How to Easily Tame A Beard

Though beards often look great, they sometimes can be difficult to maintain. No one wants to have an out of control, unmanageable beard. Whether curly, straight, thick, or thin, knowing how to easily tame a beard will make your daily routine much simpler.

Taming your beard doesn’t have to be a whole long and frustrating process. There are simple, hassle-free ways to keep your beard looking sharp that only take a few minutes. No more frizzy, poofy beards. Take more ideas for tame your beard at Live Enhanced.

Simple Ways to Tame Your Beard

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If you have a beard, it is important you know how to properly take care of it. Beards should be washed at least twice a week with beard shampoo and conditioner, as well as applying beard oil. However, you may need to take some additional steps to keep your beard looking good.

Beard Straightening Brush

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Like a flat iron designed for straightening hair, a beard straightening brush is designed to straighten your beard. These brushes use heat to help straighten and control wild beards. They are simple to use and effective at taming your beard.

It only takes a few minutes to use and you will notice amazing results that will last all day long. Beard straightening brushes will let your beard look sleek and professional. However, you do need to be careful when applying heat products to your beard and should take proper precautions to keep your hair healthy.

Beard Wax

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Beard wax is a great solution for taming unruly beards. Within a couple of minutes you will have results that will last all day. Beard wax is similar to beard balm. However, beard wax has a higher concentration of natural waxes, including beeswax and lanolin. These natural waxes help you smooth your beard and allow it to hold your desired shape. 

Blow Dryer

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Blow dryers are one of the most common tools used for taming beards. The application of heat can help shape hair to your desired style. It is often the favorite method of stylists for straightening beards.

Before blow-drying your beard to straighten it, you should wash it and apply beard oil. A beard comb or brush should be used to brush your beard up and then out while blow-drying. This will help prevent your beard from getting frizzy and help keep it sleek all day long.

Beard Comb

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Though this may seem like a simple solution, using a beard comb can help keep your beard looking good. Regularly combing your beard will help prevent tangles and help keep it easy to manage. Ideally, you should apply beard oil before combing for a sheek beard.

It’s always a good idea to carry a comb with you wherever you go. This will allow you to comb your beard whenever you need to. It is especially a good idea to have a comb with you if you are somewhere windy, as the wind can quickly cause tangles to form.

Use Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

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Using the proper shampoo and conditioner is vital for maintaining a nice beard. Regular shampoo and conditioner you use on your head can be too harsh for your face and beard hair. Since your face and beard are more sensitive than your head and hair, it is important you use the right products.

When washing your beard, you should only use shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for beards. It is important that you always use conditioner, as this will make your beard easier to work with. Proper washing will help keep your beard soft, fluffy, and full. 

Get the Right Style

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Having the right style for your beard is important to keep it manageable and presentable. Beards should be regularly trimmed to get rid of split ends and allow for healthy growth. 

In addition to getting regular trims, finding the right cut for your beard will also make it easier to tame. Some hair types will work better with different styles than others. If you are unsure what style is best for your beard, ask your barber what beardcut will be the most practical for you.

Managing Your Beard

With proper care and the right products, you can easily manage your beard and keep it tame. As long as you follow all the right steps, you won’t have to worry about always having an unruly beard.

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