How to Stop Work Boots from Smelling?

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If you are in the construction, mining or similar profession, you will know how it’s like wearing your work boot. After a few days, you will get a foul smell coming from it. The warmth and humidity in the shoes cause bacteria which creates this bad smell. Smelly work boots are not only annoying but can also get you into embarrassing situations. So, how to stop work boots from smelling?

Here are few tips on how to stop work boots from smelling?

Some work boots are sealed so tightly that you will sweat a lot. Some boots have insulation, and it can be very frustrating wearing this kind of boots in summer. You will have excessive sweating and mold, and fungus can grow too. This sweat results in the funky smell.

You should regularly wash your shoes and feet to get rid of the bad smell coming from your work boots. There are other ways to prevent such odor also. Here are some tips for you.

Use foot powder

Bacteria grow due to the moisture in your boots and feet. You can prevent the moisture by using foot powder. If your feet and work boots remain dry, no foul smell will develop.

Use antibacterial soap

You should wash your feet with an antibacterial soap to get rid of the germs. Your feet won’t be smelly anymore. So, when you wear your boot, there won’t be any smell.

Alternate boots

pair of shoes

You should have more than one work boots so that you can wear them alternatively. That way, the chance of bad smell will reduce considerably.

Change socks

You should always wear socks with your working boots. You need to change your socks often so that to prevent the foot odor. Try not to wear the same socks twice. You should wear cotton socks as they absorb sweat and keeps your feet clean. You should wear soft and thick socks made of natural fibers. These socks will keep away moisture.

Store boots properly

Organize Shoes

You should store your boots in ventilated spaces. This way bacteria won’t grow. Before storing, make sure that your boot is completely dry. You can apply some odor-fighting spray too.

Foot care

You should take extra care of your feet so that your boots don’t smell bad. You should dry your feet completely after taking a bath. Use cotton balls soaked in alcohol to clean between your toes. You can use odor-stopping spray on your feet before putting on the socks. If you can’t find such spray, you can use deodorant also.

After you take out your boots, you should soak your feet in a mixture of hot and cool water. You should add two black tea bags in the water. Soak your feet for half an hour. The tea contains acids that will kill the germs. So, your feet will sweat less, and there will be less odor. A solution of water and vinegar will also work.

Buy the right boots

Choose Right shoes


You should buy boots that are not very tight fitting. There should be enough breathable space within the boot. You can buy leather work boots as they are very comfortable.

Clean boots

You must clean your boots at least once a week. You can use a mild detergent to wash the boots. If you have leather work boots, don’t soak them in water, use a mild detergent sheet.

You should wear work boots that have room to breathe. You should clean your feet and your boots regularly so that no foul smell develops. So, you won’t have to be in any embarrassing situation again.

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