5 Everyday Indian Clothes Ideas

Indian clothes with vibrant colors, richly embroidered fabrics, and intricate details are a firm favorite in the fashion world. Over time, some of the traditional and more conventional pieces have been adapted for high street boutiques worldwide. You can, however, casually wear or incorporate it into trendy, everyday items. 

This article explores a few inspiring ideas to wear Indo-Western items, no matter the occasion, season, or location. 

Boho Pants 

Indian clothes

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According to the Nihal Fashions collection style gurus, one of the must-haves is soft and flowing pants. 

The palazzo style is incredibly popular, and it’s the perfect fusion piece to dress up or down.

Wear a boldly printed version with a tank top for a casual look, or style it up with a button-up shirt or short jacket for something more formal. 

Baggy, knee- or ankle length dhotis are equally comfortable and can look chic when styled in a rich silk fabric. These free-flowing bottoms are similarly eye-catching when made from cotton and worn with a t-shirt or paired with a denim jacket. 

Ever-Cool Kurtis

Indian clothes

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Kurtis, or traditional short Indian kurta jackets, can be worn over dresses, with pants or skirts. They make great layering pieces and are elegant add-ons to any outfit.

If your base section is plain, add one in a vibrant color or rich embroidery, and vice versa if you don’t want to overdo bold prints on top of patterned material. Loose-fitting Kurtis is also beautiful when styled as shorter dresses. Let it drape down from your shoulders or tuck it in with a high waist belt or thin band for a modern look. 

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Stylish Saris

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A stylish sari will never be boring. The traditional and more ornate ones may be less popular as everyday outfits, but the more understated versions are very much on-trend. 

It’s another excellent overlay item and can be worn with skirts, jeans, or soft, flowy pants. Several Bollywood divas have made this combination a popular Indian streetwear choice for a downplayed, ready-to-wear look.

Jingling Jewellery 

Indian clothes

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No Indo-Western look is complete without adding some shiny jewelry. Chandelier-like jhumka earrings dangling just above your shoulders is one sure way to make a statement.

Add a row of bangles to one arm or spice it up with a quirky piece like a nose stud. The modern pin-type doesn’t even require the pain of a piercing and can easily be removed. 

Funky Fabric Bags

Indian clothes

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Complete your look with a jhola-style fabric sling bag. It’s an ideal option to replace a chunky leather handbag.  

These beautiful accessories come in various styles, from over the shoulder, small cross-body travel-friendly versions to more extensive shopping or tote-style options. 

Embroidered or embellished with shiny trinkets, plain or with dainty golden threads weaved into the fabric, it’s the ultimate everyday Indian style item. 

Wrapping Up

Fashion trends come and go, and styles change every season. Traditional Indian inspired clothing has successfully blended into mainstream outfits and sure is here to stay. 

Regardless of your lifestyle, preferences, or the occasion, there’s a beautiful India-inspired item for you to add to your everyday outfits. 

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