10 Fun & Interactive Easter Game Ideas That You Can Play with You Loved Ones! 

Easter Game

Every single member appreciates being challenged and even facing the discomfort that comes with playing crazy games. Easter is the second-largest family gathering of the year, so we usually assemble and enjoy some family games after a large feast.

We’ve compiled a list of fun games, crafts, and things to do in the days leading up to Easter. 

The best part about these Easter games ideas is that anyone, young or old, can play them. Because we feel that it’s the best time for everyone to gather around and have fun, we have curated a list of our top ten favorite Easter games ideas to let everyone have a great time this Easter 2023!

Put the jelly bean

Easter Game

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Fill two containers with the same number of jelly beans in each. Put those on a tabletop beside each other. Players should be divided into two equal teams.

Set up a beginning away from the jelly bean table to line up alongside the teams. Give each squad a spoon and a vacant container.

Each group’s first player will run to the table and stuff as many jelly beans as they can onto their spoons. They then have to run back to the unfilled basket to spill their jelly beans and pass the spoon to another player, who should do the same.

Continue to play until one squad has handed all of its jelly beans to the container. If a sprinter drops any jelly beans, they must return to the starting line and begin again.

Egg rolling race 

With this entertaining relay event, you can relax and have a fantastic time. Try this enjoyable Easter game idea for youth and teens who don’t bother rolling down on the floor.

Begin by hard boiling a dozen (or more) yolks, one per racer. A long race track with many lanes should be marked off. Each player starts by putting their egg in their lane’s starting position.

Players queue up and use their noses to push a hard-boiled egg to the end of the race, which is generally enjoyed on a slippery surface.

The winner is the first person to cross the finish line!

Capture the egg 

Easter Game

source: thejdkgroup.com

Prepare for some friendly competition with this funny take on “Put the Flag.” Your competitors should be divided into two categories. You’ll want eight eggs for this exercise, four of every one of two distinct hues. Assign each team a color and have players sync up their yolks on the pitch’s edge.

Each squad must try to steal the rival team’s eggs and move them to their side of the pitch without being detected by an opposition player.

If an opponent recognizes a player, they are knocked out. A squad must either gather all the eggs from the opposition group or be the last person standing to victory.

Blindfolded testing

With this entertaining Easter game idea, they may test their taste receptors while satisfying their sweet tooth. Gather several different types of Easter 2023 goodies before the contest. To make it even more complex and to restrict the amount of sugar consumed, cut them into tiny chunks.

Players are blindfolded and given a taste of each candy bar. As they are tasting, ask them to guess the candy’s name. Each correct answer earns a player one star. After everyone has had an equal number of tries, the player with the best score wins.

Flashlight Easter hunt 

Easter Game

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Why not attempt a flashlight egg search when it begins to get dark outside or if your event is later that evening? 

After the children have completed their Easter egg hunt throughout the day, take the yolks and conceal them in a much broader area, in challenging locations. 

Put a small “reward” after each large egg finds to make this situation even more intriguing. If you and your buddies are into edibles, it’s not bad. With this one, you’ll have to use your creativity, making this activity more fun and exciting.  

Pick the basket 

The idea of this Easter 2023 game is based on the traditional Musical Chair but with an Easter touch. Rather than chairs, arrange Easter baskets, ensuring that there is one less basket than the number of players.

As the song starts, have children and adults dance around the baskets to “The Bunny Hop.” Each child must pick up a container when the music ends. The player who is left without a goal is eliminated, and the game continues in this manner until only one person remains.

And the one person who remains until the end wins the game. 

Easter obstacle game 

Easter Game

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Obstacle courses are fun for kids, so why not include one in your backyard Egg hunt?

You can either make a comprehensive course with eggs hidden along the route or follow Purple Trail’s advice and set up small task stations all through the yard.

Keep it Easter-themed by having the kids do a “bunny ladder hop” while balancing an Easter egg on a spoon, or have them team up for a running race where they must pass a pair of rabbit ears rather than a baton. 

Children can collect eggs throughout the tasks, and the winner may receive a top prize at the end.

Bocce bags 

You can create this simple Easter bocce ball substitute at home. To start, deep boil four yolks for each individual plus one additional, and set them aside.

You could also use a set of wooden eggs from a local store. One egg should be left uncolored, while the others should be painted in four different colors. After spinning or tossing the white egg onto the grass, take turns rotating the colored eggs to see who can come the closest to the white egg without striking it.

The chalk game 

Easter Game

source: agirlandagluegun.com

It is a fantastic way for everyone to get outdoors, moving, and dancing. Make a chalk bunny template with an image of a rabbit and a piece of cardboard. 

Create a few rabbits everywhere around your patio or similar suitable concrete surface with sidewalk chalk and your blueprint.

Begin by hopping from one bunny to the next. After that, ask everyone to dance from one rabbit to the next. After that, get everyone to jump from one bunny to the next. 

Take the kids’ recommendations for new mobility ideas, and don’t forget to turn on some entertaining music to make the activity even more entertaining.

Catch the Donuts 

If you choose not to drink alcohol during your holiday festivities, we have another fun variation of bobbing for apples that can be just as enjoyable.

Donut bob is both tasty and more challenging than you may expect. You attach ropes to a handful of donuts and dangle them from limbs or the ceilings, wherever you may be, whether inside or out. Then watch as your visitors attempt to grab them from the air!

Wrapping up! 

Easter Game

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So, here is the complete list of top 10 fun easter games you can play with the kids, family, friends, cousins, and anyone you want to spend your festival with! 

I hope these easter 2023 game ideas will make your day fun & enjoyable, filled with lots of activities, love, laughter, and good times! 

No matter whichever game you play, make sure to follow the steps and make the best out of it! 

Till then, start making the preparations and Enjoy! 

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