ICC Stated Transforming New Rules in International Cricket

New Rules in International Cricket
ICC laid age restrictions for players’ welfare

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has laid a set of new laws that could theoretically transform the form of cricket. The regulatory agency of the immensely famous sport called on the media to remind cricket fans of the latest standards and procedures, which will now be part of the cricket dictionary.

The ICC Board announced the implementation of minimum age limits on international cricket to protect players further. Limitations will extend to all international tournaments, including ICC, bilateral cricket, and under-19 cricket.

New Rules in International Cricket

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In a release, the body responsible that regulates cricket around the world confirmed that a participant would need to be at least 15 years old to play international cricket. Therefore, it has been argued that cricket committees can allow an athlete under the age of 15 to compete for their particular nations in “rare situations” The law would extend to either men’s, women’s, or under-19 cricket. Previously, there has been no age cap requirement, but now it has been put to boost the player’s welfare.

In extraordinary cases, the Board may appeal to the ICC to permit a player under fifteen to perform for them. It could include where a player’s game experience and mental stability and well-being show that they will be able to adapt to the demands of world cricket,” the ICC said during a press statement.

Hasan Raza from Pakistan created his international breakthrough at the age of 14. Although at the age of 14, Romania’s M Gherasim and Kuwait’s Bhavsar made their global step.

World test championship changed the system

New Rules in International Cricket

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In the meantime, the ICC has changed the point tables method for the World Test Championship attributable to the coronavirus outbreak. Going to follow the adjustment, India has now fallen to the second position at the World Test Championship Standings table. Australia is currently in the first spot with 82.22%, although England is in the third spot with 60.83%. 

Cricket Committee and the Chief Executive Committee endorsed the method of rating participants depending on successful games and rewards won, as this represents their success and does not undermine team members who have not been able to qualify for almost all of their results, even if they do not have any blame of their own,” claimed ICC.

New Rules in International Cricket

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We looked at a whole variety of choices, but our representatives felt firm that we must continue as expected in the first-ever World Test Championship Final in June next year,” Sawhney said. Meanwhile, the ICC has agreed to move the Women’s Twenty20 World Cup, initially planned for 2022 in South Africa, to 2023.

“Changing the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup to 2023 makes complete sense at a variety of stages. Second, it would offer a greater rely extensively on players and provide them with the best possible opportunities to succeed at the peak point on the international stage. Second, we will begin to create awareness throughout the women’s game through 2022 and 2023. We are dedicated to stimulating the development of female’s gaming, and today’s decision allows us to do so for the long term,” Sawhney continued. Get more information at Live Enhanced.

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