Let Your Home Smile and Make a New Statement with Your Custom Covers 

custom covers

Cushions act as ornaments in a room because they adorn the space, dressing it up. They allow you to showcase your creativity and personality. They also make your room feel more comfortable and welcoming.

If you use your mind and heart in the right manner, you can make better cushion covers on your own. You don’t need to go to the store.

custom covers

source: rstbrands.com

  • With custom covers, you have the bandwidth to customize the shades, use an inspirational texture or fabric, add frills and a contrasting pattern, play with multiple textures, or entail a complementary shade.
  • Changing it is up to you. You just need to swap out the old cover and replace it with the one you make.
  • There are a few things that make a cushion look professional. Its corners are smooth.
  • Its trimming and piping should have color coordination, which enhances its look.
  • Join the piping in the correct manner. People won’t be able to decipher the joining.
  • Use a wide zipper for fitting the concern in the custom cover. The process is easy. You will find that a large zipper helps you to easily put the cushion inside the cover and take it out with equal ease.
  • The fabric encompasses the zipper, hiding it from everyone. The main tools are straight pins, sewing machine, zipper foot, zipper foot, piping foot (optional), and iron.

A piping foot just makes the piping blend easier. You need to get the right brand in this regard.

Making the best covers

custom covers

source: summerclassics.com

A customized cushion cover helps bolster your home décor in a unique way. Upload your snaps and create your individual design with different templates.

  • Choose pictures of your favorite vacations, your loved ones, or your coveted art print. It’s your choice. This is how you personalize your cushion cover.
  • You attain perfection by adding a color pop to your bedroom or living space. The personalized cushion covers would also make a great gift for your loved one/s. You can always make a set.

Make sure the covers have high-definition and bright printing. There are soft cushion covers with only covers. They don’t include inserts and are of premium quality. You can wash the machine on low heat.

Designing a custom phone case

custom covers

source: pinterest.com

To know about custom printing, you need to follow the basics. Sort out the graphics first and make sure they comply with the guidelines.

  • Essentially, UV printing dries up the ink through an intricate photochemical reaction. You use high-intensity UV lights for curing the inks.
  • It transforms them from liquid to solid. You need to use transparent colors. Don’t use printing materials that comprise transparent and opaque properties.
  • When you have a solid color contrast along with transparent colors, the result is very stark.

On some occasions, the end result may give the impression of void in your design. It may also look that the shades didn’t print in the right manner. Keep the transparent sides and background in mind as well at Live Enhanced.

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