Best Storage Ideas to Preserve Your Christmas Festivities

Christmas storage ideas

Once our festive holiday decorations begin to feel crowded and messy as soon as December arrives, Are you feeling like that, too, or is that just me? It’s undoubtedly the flood of new presents and gadgets, but I’m ashamed to confess that I can’t even resist taking it all down and give our house a good clean just now. I enjoy the smell of a new home as well, so I think that’s a massive part of my post-Christmas scramble to organize, sweep, and bring things back on track.

Although I am not a specialist in organizing your home, I have learned several techniques through hands-on practice. I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite storage supplies, along with some fantastic ideas for organizing. You can make everything beautiful to carry every wreath, tree, garland, and decoration from store-bought bins to Christmas cardboard boxes for free before the excitement of the next year rolls around again.

Big plastic container 

Christmas storage ideas


When we were shedding our tree in early 2019, I had a fabric sided one tip over and a few adornments broken because the cardboard moved and the fabric sides could not stop the dropping. But this plastic storage box is equivalent to my favorite ornament container, where I placed all my antique lamps and other exclusive ornaments because it has separate compartments for different bulbs. We can keep up decorations safe. 

Labeled storage boxes 

When you have kids at your home, or many residents living together, you need to pack everyone’s stuff in their separate boxes, especially when you have your kids. You need to fill all the things in the container and label it with a specific name. So, after the year when you take that out, you’ll come to know which box belongs to whom. 

Glued plastic cups

Christmas storage ideas


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After all the Christmas shopping, of course, there’s always not a lot of cash left over to store anything. By pursuing this genius idea of gluing plastic cups to the board, you can refurbish a bin you already used as a container for jewelry. Isn’t this the best idea to keep your stuff safe without using your money? 

Umbrella stand

You can reuse your used umbrella stand for storing big things required on Christmas for the decoration like garlands, wallpapers, and much more needed on occasion to preserve it properly until the next year. 

Cotton bag 

Christmas storage ideas


We can say Christmas without lights, attractive, shimmery are essentials for decoration, but we can’t keep on buying new every year. So, we need to preserve it adequately. On a loop, you roll each string of lights, then place the reels in a bag. You are done, no messy lights anymore. So it shouldn’t be pricey to store your bulbs. According to Real Easy, trim the ends off the roof of a shoebox and then use it to string your lights. Then put it in the bag, and you’ve got clean, neat lighting.

Wooden containers 

Do you have Christmas items coming out of your hiding place in, say, February? No matter how neatly I wrap stuff up, after I set aside all the containers, there is always a stray decoration or misplaced washcloth that pops out to play. When I stumble across these, I have a little bin to catch the excrement, and that stops me either from re-misplacing it or going to dig in mid-July to find the correct box in our humid storage room. However, this is the classy box to preserve your things from misplacing again & again. 


Christmas storage ideas


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I know how crucial it is to store your essentials or festivities after the festival gets over. But you don’t have to worry; we are here for your help, as we have stated some of the storage ideas to keep your necessities safe and comfortable to use seven after long storing. 

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