What are Metabolism and How to Control It? 


People are always trying to improve and maintain their bodies, whether physically or mentally. So, in preparing your health, you go to the fitness center and gym. But, maintaining your body from external is not enough; you need to have a look at your internal health too. Hence, you might think, how it is possible! 

So, what exactly happens is? The process of metabolic in your body leads to weight loss and more, it is some chemicals that are maintained in your body, if that increases or decreases, then it may trouble you. Like, you need a perfect balance. Here, we are going to know in brief about it. 

It was difficult for you in this pandemic to take care of yourself in well-manner, since last March, every fitness center and the gym was closed for some time. So, many have tried their best to work out in their home, and improve themselves. People have attempted workout programs to stay fit from the wellbeing of their house. 

Many would like to know that a good routine to slim down. So if you are talking about weight loss, it depends on the metabolites, how they perform! For that, you have to know more about this process. 

So, let’s get a solution for your questions that are, what is metabolism? How does it work? What are its benefits? In this commentary, we are going to give an explanation in brief. Carry on reading, and find out how it relates to weight loss and many more! 

What is Metabolism? 


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Metabolism refers to the process held for the conversion of the food and drinks in the form of energy. It is a word used to depict the chemical reactions involved in maintaining the living state of the cell and the organism. It is divided into two types: Catabolism and Anabolism. Here catabolism is performed in breaking down the molecules and obtain energy from it, whereas anabolism synthesis of all compounds needed by the cell. The amount of calories in food combines with oxygen. It is closely linked in with nutrition and the availability of nutrients. Biomolecules are constantly changed into some other biomolecules, this breaking and making in a living organism are through a chemical reaction called metabolic reaction.     

Energy formation in our body is a vital role played by metabolism. Bioenergetics term is described by biochemical, which is a process that releases energy in a required amount to your body to perform daily activities. Even when you are at rest, your body devours this energy for a specific function. These functions include respiration, blood circulation, adjusting hormones, and many more. The number of calories your body uses for these concerns to your metabolism. 

Factors determining metabolism 

Your metabolic reaction depends on a few things, first is the mass and your body composition. People with more strength burn their calories, even while they are at rest.

The metabolic rate also depends on gender; women generally have fewer muscles than men and also contain more fats, whereas men have more strength, which tends to burn more calories. The process of chemicals in the body is estimated by the basal metabolic rate (BMR); men have higher BMR than women. 


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A further factor is your age, as you grew the rate of burning calories also reduces, mass in muscles also decreases and your body focuses more on fats. Other more factors that determine how much calories your body can burn in a day! Is by thermogenesis, you might be aware of this as the food processing; this possesses heat in your body which makes burn calories. As you know calories are used to digest, absorb, store, and transport the food. 

For performing this function, your body consumes about 10% of calories from the protein and carbohydrates. Physical activity such as exercises that increase muscle mass and power up your metabolic engines at a very high rate, even when at rest. So, the amount of physical activity your body performs also determines your basal metabolic rate. Environmental change is also one of the factors if your body faces the increase in heat or cold forces the body to work hard to maintain its normal temperature and increases the rate of BMR. 

So, how many calories burnt in your body in a day depends on these factors! 

The relation between metabolism and weight 

The very complicated process is to lose and gain weight, though there are many factors you can go through to lose weight like exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Moreover, vices like smoking and drinking also lead to weight loss.

Metabolism is also one of the factors that contribute to weight loss. If your body has a better rate of reaction then have a say in weight loss. But converse to common belief, you may get excessive weight if you have any medical condition that slows down your metabolism. Slow reaction is the cause of excess weight gain. Some of this condition comprises the Cushing’s syndrome. 

Although your metabolism authority your body’s basic needs of the power, how much you eat and drink, along with how much substantial activity you get are the things that eventually conclude your mass. Some people might have a faster reaction as compared to others. But anyone can try to weight loss if they burn more calories from the amount they eat. 

There are several things by that you will be able to boost your metabolic process. But you might think about how it is possible to increase the rate of metabolism? What does it exactly mean to boost your metabolism? Don’t you worry; I am here to provide all-sufficient knowledge to the questions that arise in your mind. So, please read forward to know more. I have come up with it in detail.

Boost metabolism with diet plans too 


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Maintaining a proper diet can help you to come up with a result, an increase in the rate of the process. Contrary, without a plan, eating more or less will lead you to excessive weight. Limiting your food intake and skipping meals can alert your body to center more on fats. 

When the body is in starvation mode then it slows down your chemical reaction. So, if you are clear to boost your anabolism and catabolism, then don’t eat at an improper time, always try to eat well. Eating breakfast is an energy provider to your body and boosts your incorporation, and stops your body from storing more fats. 

Consider the consumption of small snacks throughout the day. This keeps your body busy in working with the chemicals and constantly burns the calories. More the protein in your body more burning of calories is seen, protein is one of the important chemicals to keep you alive and functioning. 

Protein is indispensable in burning fats; it helps your body to burn more amount of calories as compared to eating carbohydrates and fats. Below you can look out at the item that can boost your inculcation, which might help you to know how to control metabolism? 

Eat plenty of protein in your meal

Eating foodstuff adds to your inculcation for a few hours. This process is called the thermic effect of the food (TEF). Having protein in your meal causes the largest rise in the thermic effect of food. It increases metabolic rate by 15-30%, compares to carbs by 5-10%, and 0-3% from fats. 

Eating protein also prevents you from overeating, helps you feel full. Having more protein, reduce the drop in metabolism, associated with losing fat. The reason is it reduces muscle loss, which is a frequent side effect of dieting. Food that contains more protein is eggs, cereals, dairy products, leans meats, and much more. 

Prefer food with Iron, Selenium, and Zinc 


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Prefer foods that are rich in nutrients like iron, selenium, and zinc. These nutrients are usually essential for the functioning of your thyroid gland. This body part regulates the rate of the basal metabolic rate.

Lacking with these nutrients leads to slow down your metabolic rate. You may think what type of food does contain iron, selenium, and zinc? Meat and seafood contain the maximum amount of zinc, selenium, and iron. You can add nuts, legumes, seeds, to your regular diet. 

Drink coffee and tea  

Caffeine in coffee boosts the rate of your reaction, by 3-11%. It gives your body with new energy and refreshment to perform daily activities. When it is combined with catechins in tea, it can perk up your ingestion. Like green tea, it is also responsible for burning fats. The reactions of the food depend on your size too, like if a person is lean then coffee is going to affect more, by increased fat burning up to 29%, but only 10% for those who are obese. Coffee’s results on metabolism and fat burning are going to give successfully to reduce weight and maintenance. 

The best tea for boosting metabolism is oolong and green tea. This tea increases metabolism by 4-5%. The effectiveness of coffee and tea may vary to different peoples. It depends on factors like age, weight, and size. 

Drink water 

People who drink more water rather than any sugary drinks or beverages are more successful at losing weight. Drinking water can help you boost your metabolism for a good time. It is one of the essential substances to perform a function. Drinking water before a meal makes you feel full and reduce hunger. 

Replacing sugary drinks with water reduces your calorie intake, as the sugary drink contains calorie more than water. Drinking water increases resting in metabolism by 10-30% for an hour. The calorie-burning might become even greater if you drink cold water, as your body uses energy to heat it to the normal temperature of your body. 

Eat spicy Food 


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One of the spicy ingredients is pepper, which contains capsaicin that is a substance, which boosts your inhalation. However, it is difficult for few people to tolerate that kind of spices, capsaicin at a preferable dose, have been predicted that eating pepper would burn around 10 additional calories per meal, you consume. The effect of spices on your foods is quite a few, but it may lead to a slight advantage when combined with other metabolism-boosting approaches.     

With the help of Exercise 

Though there is no way to control the metabolic rate, with the help of more physical activities, you can control the calorie burns in your body. When you are more active, your body uses a high amount of calories. So, the activity that you can perform to boost your metabolism are: 

Aerobic Exercises  

Regular aerobic workout is the best way to burn calories. This includes exercises like swimming, cycling, and even walking. Try to perform for at least 30 minutes in your routine. These are high – intensity workout; it also helps in burning fats by increasing your metabolic rate, even after you are done with your workouts. 

Potency Training  

Strength training like weightlifting is also affected to faster your metabolism, as muscles are more metabolically active than fats. In turn, you are burning a good amount of calories. Lifting helps you to maintain the muscles and combat the drop in metabolism that can occur during weight loss.

Other Lifestyle Activities 


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Experts refer to non-deliberate exercise activities such as non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This includes daily activities such as standing, walking between rooms. Look for various ways to do extra movements in your day-to-day routines.

The very simple activity you can do is stand more, as sitting too much is awful for your health. Sitting more reduces the burning of calories and increases in fats. An afternoon, working by standing can burn an extra of 174 calories.     

Get a good night’s sleep; lack of sleep is linked to many risks, such as an increase in obesity. This may partially be caused by the negative effect of sleep deprivation on metabolism. Lack of sleep also leads to an increase in blood sugar level and insulin resistance, it also boosts hunger and decreases the fullness hormone.

This can explain why many people are sleep-deprived, feel hungry, and struggle to lose weight.

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