What Are Some Tips For Extending Comfort & Longevity Of Dentures

Tips For Extending Comfort and Longevity Of Dentures

Each individual new to wearing dentures will experience a period of “breaking them in,” so to speak. It takes some time to adjust to the artificial teeth. A bit of a learning curve is anticipated. Still, that doesn’t translate into discomfort or an inability to eat as you’re used to after time has passed. 

It merely means these will feel odd, sort of in the same realm as braces or other dental work foreign to your mouth at first. The idea is to go about as normal activities as possible, like speaking and chewing your foods (according to your dentist’s guidelines), while trying to avoid guarding or protecting your mouth if you can. 

It sounds easier said than done, but it’ll become like second nature after some time. As for the initial period of perhaps a bit of shock and discomfort while adjusting, it’s helpful to remember that it’s only temporary. 

Before you even realize it, you’ll be able to have conversations and eat meals without thinking anything of it. Go here for guidance on wearing dentures for the first time. Let’s go further by checking out a few tips that can help make your new teeth more comfortable and give them a longer lifespan.

Helpful Hints On Increasing Comfortability And Longevity Of Your Dentures

Tips For Extending Comfort and Longevity Of Dentures

Getting dentures doesn’t have to be life-altering with negative connotations but instead can be an exceptionally positive experience once you have gotten beyond the initial start and become adjusted. 

When trying to break in your dentures, the recommendation is to try as much as possible to be as normal as possible when speaking and eating. It will prove a bit of a challenge in the beginning, allowing for a bit of discomfort and adjusting to the artificial appliance. 

Still, as time passes, these can potentially start to feel as though they were always a part of your makeup. Let’s look at ways you can increase the comfortability and improve the longevity of your dentures.

  • Select an adhesive

Most often, one of the first things those new to dentures want to know is if an adhesive is a necessity. When you’re initially trying to adjust to dentures, eating can be a challenge as you get used to them. Even those that are optimally fit can slip. 

The suggestion is that adhesive has the potential for allowing greater comfortability.

With it in place, there is a sense of confidence that the artificial teeth will remain situated while indulging in each meal. Adhesives provide an entire day’s worth of strength to allow the capacity for consuming “chewy” sorts of foods, plus the product keeps particles from sticking under the appliance by sealing the teeth in place.

  • Handle dentures with care

While dentures deem a rugged appliance meaning, they are designed to handle much pressure when chewing any sort of foods over the longevity of the artificial teeth. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean the dentures can handle any sort of an impact like if you were to drop them onto a hard surface. That could result in their bending or breaking. 

Tips For Extending Comfort and Longevity Of Dentures

Each time you take them out, they will be slippery with saliva; it’s crucial to ensure you have a good grip to prevent them from falling. The suggestion is to keep a towel in your hand to catch the teeth as they come out. 

  • Allow your mouth to have a break

Dental professionals recommend that dentures be removed for as long as 8 hours per day, allowing relief for the mouth tissue from any sort of irritation or soreness that might occur throughout the day. Of course, the perfect way to achieve this is by taking them out before lying down to sleep at night.

Experts also recommend that the appliances be stored in a dentist-approved warm solution or warm water, nothing hot, to refrain from drying out and retain the appropriate shape.

  • Daily cleansing

In the same way, you would engage in oral hygiene with natural teeth; it’s vital to participate in cleanliness with your dentures. Fortunately, there’s no chance for cavities. 

Still, there is the potential for staining, and the appliances can also develop an odor from food particles if these remain on the teeth for an extended period of time. 

A denture cleanse or toothpaste used as instructed will both work well, plus there are cleaning tablets that can be applied with the water soak. The products help to lose the plaque accumulation and reduce the appearance of light staining when you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

It is recommended to avoid whitening and standard toothpaste meant for natural teeth since these are often too abrasive for dentures; plus, a whitening product won’t be effective with denture color.

  • Pay attention to fit

Tips For Extending Comfort and Longevity Of Dentures

Suppose the artificial teeth start to feel somewhat odd, or the fit seems off in your mouth. In that case, it’s essential to consult with a well-qualified dental provider like a Salt Lake City dental implant center carrying skills and experience for optimum patient care. 

Over time, the mouth’s bones and gums can begin to change, causing the dentures to no longer fit adequately. With a poor fit can come a burning sensation, the development of inflammation, pain, and potentially sores.

When dentures no longer fit, it can signify developing gum disease, making it crucial to make an appointment with your dental provider.

Final Thought

Tips For Extending Comfort and Longevity Of Dentures

Losing natural teeth and changing to artificial ones is life-altering, with the initial period of time showing as uncomfortable, awkward, and a bit challenging. It takes time and patience to adjust to these foreign appliances sitting in your mouth. 

But as time progresses, the fit becomes more suited to your mouth, talking becomes more natural, and eating isn’t a concerted effort but more like second nature. 

Aside from that, instead of what might have been painful, decaying, perhaps discolored teeth, you now have a pain-free, beautiful smile. That’s got to be worth a little of the effort.

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