Multi-Site Business Energy Meters 101

Business Energy Meters

Energy meters are used to measure the amount of gas and electricity used by businesses. Having an accurate meter will help your business save energy and get accurate bills. Every business has an MPAN and MPRN. Thus, if you don’t want to incur extra charges, you need to understand business energy meters (especially multi site energy meters). This guide will take you through business energy meters and how they are used.

Reading A Meter

Business Energy Meters


First, you should know the type of meter you possess. This will help you read the meter correctly. Generally, you will encounter the following displays:

Dial display meter

Dial display meters are divided into two types. The type of dial you are supplied with is dependent on your projected energy consumption.

  • 10,000—There are meters that are labeled 10,000. Here, you are required to record the first 5 dials.
  • 100,000—On the other hand, certain meters are labeled 100,000. In these cases, you are required to record all 6 dials. This should be done from left to right. If the pointer rests between b number 9 and 0, consider reading the higher number while reducing the dial by one (i.e., to the left side).
LCD Meter

Business Energy Meters


Like mechanical meters, it’s easy to read LCD-based meters. The energy usage will be shown on the LCD screen. Note the number appearing on the screen. For multi-site meter system users, consider scrolling through the options as you record the readings.

Mechanical Display

Mechanical display meters are easy to read. The display only shows one number. However, if you are operating a multisite meter, you will have more than one screen. Thus, you need a notebook to write down the numbers you see on the screen.

Electronic Meter

Business Energy Meters


Technology has made it possible to display readings using electronic methods. The readings will be displayed on the meter. If the meter is small, one reading will be displayed. However, if you have a large meter, all the readings will be shown simultaneously.

Here, the meters will show the readings together with their registers. Thus, you will know if the readings are related to peak or off-peak. Don’t rush when taking the readings. One register at a time is the best way to take the readings. The numbers should be read from left to right.  Don’t read numbers coming after the decimal point.

How To Identify A Faulty Meter

A faulty meter can increase your utility bill. Here are key signs that your meter is faulty:

Huge Utility Bills

If you are getting abnormally high utility bills, check your meter. Don’t assume. Electric meters are like any other machine. They can develop mechanical issues. Check to see if there is a broken part. Notify your utility company to conduct an inspection.

Digital Errors

Business Energy Meters


Modern meters are digital in nature. Digital readers are easy and convenient. However, they can develop digital errors. If your meter displays an Error OR Fault message, then there is an error. Call your utility company for inspection.

Other Errors

Additional errors include:

  • No movement
  • No electricity
  • Old electric meter
The Bottom-Line

Incorrect energy billing can cost your business a lot of money. Thus, all business owners should understand business metering and how to spot these errors. This will help you identify billing errors.

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