10+ Types of Handbags Every Woman Should Have in Closet


Women’s purses are an essential part of their clothing. Whether you’re going to work, college, a wedding, a reception, or a date, you should always carry a purse. It is not only a luxury but also a necessity because women often keep a lot of their essentials in their handbags. Surprisingly, a simple handbag has a wide range of uses and functions. A clutch is fantastic for a party, but it’s not so great for a weekend getaway with friends. Similarly, each handbag has a specific purpose.

 The secret of the world’s most stylish women is to invest in essentials that reflect their personal style and are easy to work around for every occasion and outfit rather than surrendering to impulse purchases. Have you covered all of the principles? Live Enhanced has compiled a list of the ten most useful best types of bag that every woman should own. Scroll down to see what you’re missing in your closet

 Black Tote Bag


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Consider this the solution to your daily haul. A tote is a big, single-compartment bag with no closure that allows you to easily put stuff in and pull them out while on the go. Though totes are often made of a tough, casual fabric such as canvas or nylon, they are available in a variety of fabrics and may even be a classy alternative for the workplace in leather structured.

One Side Shoulder Bag

This classic is named after how it’s worn: swung over one shoulder. It is usually large enough to hold all of your belongings, and it is one of the handiest and trendy types of handbags for women. Shoulder bags are perfect for both informal and professional circumstances, so pick one in a neutral hue, ideally, in genuine or faux leather, that can be adapted to different clothes and events.

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Eve Date Clutch


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These elegant handhelds are typically used as evening accessories, with formalities ranging from moderate to very posh. A sequined or beaded clutch is appropriate for a lavish event or perhaps a wedding, whilst a simple design is appropriate for happy hour or date night. This smaller form has a lot of versatility. This types of purse have detachable shoulder straps and some even make excellent wallets.

Woolen Basket Handbag

Since it was first adopted by Jane Birkin in the 1960s, this style has gone in and out of style. Because of organic fabrics like rattan, straw, wicker, or raffia, it’s still a go-to for boho wardrobes. Even if the purse isn’t in your usual rotation, the sandy-beige tint and embellishments like beads, fringe, and seashells are ideal for vacation. Though it does pair well with everything from boho dresses to denims. For beach fun, this types of purse is the perfect option to carry.

Crossbody Sling Bag


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The way this single-strap design is worn is also the nickname. The crossbody bag is typically smaller than a shoulder bag, yet it still allows you to go hands-free. It’s ideal for shopping, social gatherings, travel, and any other scenario where you need to keep your basics close at hand without being burdened down. This types of handbags is a terrific style to stock up on in various forms, colours, and materials as it’ll be worn day or night.

9 to 5 Backpack Handbag

This utilitarian style is not just for students; it is a sophisticated version of the campus classic that allows you to live your best adult life without the inconvenience of carrying a handbag. Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, some of which are really small, but many of them are large enough to accommodate tablets and laptops. This laid-back look is ideal for road trips, 9 to 5 hours, weekend errands, and coffee dates with pals.

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Messenger Purse


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These medium-sized handbags are typically carried by two short handles, though they may include a long shoulder strap for added convenience. They resemble a soft-sided briefcase and are usually large enough to store books, journals, and laptops. Wear one to dress up your on-campus look or to keep a corporate outfit looking stylish while still being functional.

Lazy Hobo

This slouchy, crescent-shaped classic is more glitzy than its name says. It’s a versatile, fashionable alternative for a number of occasions, including casual weekends, vacations, or a night out with friends. The beauty of this purse is that it feels trendy without being terribly so. If you want to get a feel for the look without fully committing, some designs are more rigid in nature, preserving that delicate crescent form with minimal fabric.

Wristlet Wallet

The best buddy of the minimalistic. It’s compact, subtle, and just the right size for a debit card, ID, lipstick, keys, and cash. Some designs are even made to fit specific devices. When you don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary items, such as an evening spent moving from one spot to the next, a weekend festival, or a fast walk or shopping, grab one in your hand.

 Bucket Handbag


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Bucket bags got their label from their distinctive shape. They feature a long, crossbody strap and are tied with a drawstring around the top. In addition to this, they may have a shorter strap.

The bucket bag is a larger bag that tends to have lots of storage for all your belongings, making it utilitarian as well as fashionable, whether you choose the strong leather or cute embroidery features.

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Vacay Camera Bag

A camera bag is a square-ish type, and cushion bag adopts to carry a camera, often with separate pockets for safely storing lenses, memory cards, and batteries. These bags can professional, tailored for certain camera sizes, and used to carry digital SLR cameras by professional photographers. Alternatively, they could be informal and decorative, resembling a standard handbag. It adopts primarily by women to transport cameras while traveling or on photographic expeditions. Also included is a camera case.

Take Away

Even though these types of handbags are mostly functional, the above-mentioned bags for women are appropriate for every occasion. It can also be worn as a fashion accessory to complete or add interest to an attire. Don’t be hesitant to try out several possibilities. To see what works best for you in the context of your needs and lifestyle, personality, and the event.

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