Wish to Have a Beautiful Pool? Coping is Essential

The term ‘coping’ refers to the stone or the concrete material used to cover the pool shell wall. Thus, pool coping is the concrete part of the pool above the tile line. This part of the pool is generally very wide, almost 12” and is known as the bond beam. Coping is done using many sorts of materials like poured concrete, brick, flagstone, pre-cast concrete, travertine or maybe tile.

Wish to Have a Beautiful Pool Coping is Essential

Materials used for Pool Coping:


This allows the coping to be one unit with the pool deck. Poured concrete incorporates the coping right over the edge of the pool so that there remains no apparent break in the finish on the horizontal plane.


Natural stone or brick coping is the same type of material. This type of coping offers the warmth, texture and sturdiness of stone. Even materials ranging from quarried granite to limestone to natural fieldstone can offer beautiful and durable coping solution.

Natural stone coping calls for a specific consistent coping thickness for the visible part of the pool. High quality natural stones can be cast into customized options, and they are also slip-resistant to allow a better space for individuals to carry on with their daily activities.


This type of concrete has a considerably lower cost than poured concrete or natural stone. It gives ample choice of color, texture and patterns. Installation of precast concrete is typically simpler than poured or natural concrete and this provides a uniform color, texture and pattern all around the swimming pool.

Wish to Have a Beautiful Pool Coping is Essential

Purpose of Coping:

✓ Coping is necessary not only as a cap or cover for the pool but also for enhancing the beauty of the pool. Coping usually acts as ornamentation for the pool, helping it to come out with beauty.

✓ Pool coping resists the water flow behind the pool shell thereby enhancing the finish and tile of the swimming  pool. In case water splashes out of the pool, proper installation of coping helps that water to flow downwards to the pool deck, avoiding the pool. It is better to do coping keeping a distance from the pool.

✓ However, apart from serving the decorative purpose of the pool, coping helps to provide a smooth and skid proof surface for the swimmers to walk.  Companies that run a business on paving machines or pool deck products also provide products on materials for edging the pool and coping. For example, the bullnose style, that achieves a perfect look to the part between the pool and the deck.

Wish to Have a Beautiful Pool Coping is Essential

Coping for Vinyl Pool:

Few dealers and builders sell in ground pool as packages or DIY kit. Pool coping for this type of pool, usually chemical line includes three main types:


This type of coping is the commonest amongst vinyl that is chemical coping. It is known as either C-channel coping or half round coping. It is usually made up of heavy aluminum coated with an all-weather finish powder. It can be attached to the pool wall and the coping is done. It can be used to pull the coped deck up.


This type of coping can be made by forming foams on the top of the wall and then a concrete deck is poured up to the form that helps to make a deck near the pool edge. This part of the pool can be decorated with stamping or staining.


This cannot be classified under types of coping, but it forms a track to contain the pool liner, on top of which the traditional coping stone is mounted.

Pool coping enhances the longevity of your swimming pool. It does not only add an extra edge to the pool, but they also add to the resale value of your home.


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