4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Log Home Kit

To live in a log home is many people desire. Earlier it was a chore, but now it is a rustic charm to build a log house. Log cabins are energy efficient as they are providing warm inner space. They give you feel of nature and are offering a healthy environment to live.

Do you also want to build a dream house of logs? But are you lacking in time and hence don’t want to make it from scratch?

If so, then you can use the log house kit and get your home ready in minimum time of three to four days. A log cabin kit is a ‘turnkey’ home that includes almost every material, required to build a complete log cabin.

Buy a log cabin kit is a crucial and expensive decision that must be taken with care. Following are the steps that will help you decide a good log cabin kit for your log home.

Do Not Go Beyond Your Budget:

Log home kits

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Many companies provide log home kits with price vary from low to high. You should first decide the budget that you can afford for entire build-up process. Further, choose how much of your total budget, you want to spend on a log cabin kit.  

Check The Reputation Of Company:

Log home kits

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Once you are done with your budget, you can start searching for a well reputed supplier of log cabin kits.

Following are the ways which will help you to choose the reputed company:

  • A company should be registered with the international log builders association as it will ensure the quality of their work.
  • Check the past projects related to log homes that they have done in your area.
  • Contact some of their previous customers who you can speak with about their experience.

You can also search the internet and select the best-reputed company to bring log home kit within your budget.

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Proper Inspection Of Notching Technique:

Log home kits

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Notch is a cut in wooden logs that help in joining of two wooden logs to build a complete log home. The log house is held together by placing logs one above other and make them sit down in notches. So, when buying a log cabin kit make sure that each wooden log is carefully notched to match the diameter of logs that have to be joined together.

Choose Best Package And Check Its Material Carefully:

Log home kits

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Log home kits are come in three different packages that are Shell Only, Dry-In and Turn Key. Shell only package includes logs for walls of your house. Dry-In package has logs for walls and material for exterior fining of home. Turn Key package gives you complete material for a perfect log house.

Depending upon their number of items and material each package has a different cost. You can choose the best appealing package according to your budget and need to build an attractive log home. Once you decide the best-suited package for you do not forget to check the availability of all material in the kit that you are buying before use it.

Once you are satisfied with the selection of kit and its supplier, double check that there are no further hidden fees or fault in the material, also, make sure you get a bill of everything and a signed contract from the company. The interesting concept of log cabin kit is that you can tailor a dream home specifically according to your needs and lifestyle. You can join the log cabin by yourself, once the kit arrives or can call for professionals to build the log house for you.


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